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on June 12, 2007 4:23 pm
I started my journey with my wieght problem when I was a child.  I ate to comfort myself, food was my very best friend.  

When I became a teenager I started watching my wieght.  You know the boys and parties, dates and for a while I could do it.  Then I had a child and thought oh my god what if I can't get this off.  I was able to lose the wieght I gained which was 55lbs., plus lose another 20lbs to put me at a nice size 9 and 135lbs.

I got married and thought it would last for every but, alas my picker was really off and I picked a man who loved beer more then me.  So guess who became my best friend again?  Food!  for 13 years this went on until I was saved.   I lost wieght again and dated, and then two tragedies happened in my life.  I lost my oldest sister my best friend, my hero.  3 weeks later my father almost lost his life it was a horrible 2 weeks waiting to see what would happen.   And again I ate for comfort and friendship.  I balloned up to 282 lbs. by the time I was 50 years old and was just discussed with myself because I failed again and was in bad physical shape.  By the time I had my surgery in April of 2007 thanks to thyroid meds I had lost 16 lbs. and was still morbidly obese of course but on my way to where I could finally live the life that God had intended for me to have, happy and health.

Today I've got help to stop this cycle before it kills me,  I have 4 terrific grandkids that I love and want to be around for alongtime.and wonderful friends and family who have supported me in their own way (some more then
) to become the person I am meant to be.

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