The Post-Surgery Life for Christine

Sep 12, 2008

Starting Weight: 347 lbs.
Total Pounds Lost: 151

January 2007     12.5 lbs.      Wt.: 334.5
February 2007     5.5 lbs.      Wt: 329
March 2007          10 lbs.      Wt: 319
April 2007              4 lbs.      Wt: 315
May 2007              15 lbs. (Surgery date May 31st - Wt 300)
June 2007             23 lbs.       Wt: 277
July 2007              13 lbs.       Wt: 264
August 2007          17 lbs.       Wt: 247  (100 lbs. off in < 8 months)
September 2007   10 lbs.     Wt. 237
October 2007       12 lbs.     Current Weight: 224 (227 = no more obese)
November 2007     4 lbs.      Wt. 220
December 2007     5 lbs.      Wt. 215
January 2008        9 lbs        Wt. 206
February 2008       1 lb         Wt. 205 
March 2008           7 lbs        Wt. 198
April 2008             0 lbs        Wt. 198
May 2008              1 lb         Wt. 197
June 2008             2 lbs        Wt. 195
July 2008              0 lbs        Wt. 195
August 2008         0 lbs        Wt. 195
Sept. 2008           3 lbs         Wt. 192
Oct 2008              1 lb          Wt. 191
Nov 2008            +4 lb         Wt. 195 (Time to get back to basics)
Dec 2008            +1 lb         Wt. 196

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has been a couple of months and I thought I would check in with some of you who have been following our progress. I say our progress because my wife, Christine, had a RNY on June 19th of this year. She has done just so well with her surgery and has dropped just shy of 60 pounds from the time she started the liquid diet just 10 days before and now here in the middle of September. As a husband of a newer RNY patient, it is just amazing to watch the transformation. Being on this side of the fence is remarkable too. It seems like every week she seems to just melt away more and more. She is just 10 pounds away from her all time (married state) weight when she got down pretty low using the Weight Watchers program back in 1999.

There was a time that I thought that the RNY was a mistake for her. Everything had gone so smoothly for me that I just thought that it would be the same for her. She had "food issues" right from the start. She didn't really follow the guidelines like I did during those first few weeks. I was not perfect by any means, but she was really paving a new path. One night we were both frustrated with her progress so we just sat and talked and talked. What it came down to was that she needed to get more focused on using the slider foods that would not make her sick. Once she started using more applesauce and pudding type foods with her more solid foods, things really started picking up. She also did not like ANY protein drinks for the first month or so, which really made it even harder.

She still struggles to get more solid foods in and would prefer to just drink her shakes as her meals. I think that we are making progress as she tries more things like chili and has better luck with them.

I know that we need to get some photos of her up on my site. Several of you have expressed an interest in seeing her progress in real-life. I'll try to get a few shots of her and get them posted.

As far as me, I'm still hanging in there. I manage to keep my weight the same, but I can't seem to get any additional weight off. There are just too many temptations that I'm glad I still have the restriction until the urge to eat has passed. I sure don't eat what I used to, but I still work at it. We go out to eat and it is amazing that we never seem to go over $10-15 for our meals and that includes a pretty generous tip.

School is started for me again and I have a very nice group of students. They are a lot quieter than any class I've ever had in my 8 years of teaching. They don't know quite what to think of my humor and seem a bit on guard. I rather like it that way since they are not coming out of their shell as fast as other classes have. Each class seems to have their own personality.

Thanks for checking in on our progress.



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