St. Francis Hospital

"Overall, my experience was very good. My only concern was that once I was on to the liquid form of pain reduction, it had a 6 hour limit of re-application. At about the 5 hour mark, my pain got pretty bad. Now I know that nurses can only do what the doctor orders. What kind of got under my skin was the expansion of that 6 hours into 6 1/2 to 6 3/4. I got smart and I started keeping an eye on the clock because I knew it was going to get painful about that time. I would start asking the nurses a few minutes before. I had just told one of the nurses assistants that my pain meds were due so she called over to the nurse who had charge over me. That nurse had just started her lunch. She decided that she was going to wait until her meal was finished and then it took another half hour beyond that. Needless to say, I was in some pain when those meds arrived. I'm sorry, but issues of life-threatening situations and pain control must trump any nurse's lunch. That is my opinion and I intend to share it when I get the survery from the hospital. This was not a hospital issue as much as it was with one nurse. But the hospital needs to set the policy for making sure these pain meds are administered on time. We are patients and we are not faking our pain. Another observation also has to do with proper training. When you have nurses that work on a bariatric floor they all need to acknowlege the severely obese people walking around. Several of the nurses (usually young and very thin) just ignore you. While most were very friendly, those few looked through you like you didn't exist. As an obese person I've gotten used to this. I was thin for about 5 years of my life and I can tell you that this phenomonen was almost non-existant. I have people look though me all the time and pretend that I'm invisible, I don't expect this on a bariatric floor where people should be trained. Aside from these two things, I was VERY satisfied with my experience at St. Francis. This experience has helped me decide that St. Francis Hospital will be the hospital of choice for all of our hospital related medical needs of our family. 4 1/2 stars..and with minor modifications...a 5 star hospital"

Brent Steward

"I am just so happy with my experience with Dr. Steward and Dr. Dunshee. I've read so many people here at OH where folks had a negative experience along the way. I can't believe that some of these doctors and their staff don't treat this like the business that it is. The entire group at Tallgrass gets a 5 star rating on my behalf. Dr. Steward is so very kind and shows such a genuine interest in his patients. I can't think of anything else to expand upon because the whole thing was just great from start to finish."
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