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September 1, 2007.....180 pounds




Ways We Can Exercise.

Carry your own groceries - paint a mural - plant a garden - sweep or vacuum daily - do sit-ups while watching tv - rake leaves - shoot some hoops - wash your car by hand - ride a bike instead of drive - on car trips, stop and stretch & stroll - play table tennis - contract your buttocks while waiting in checkout lines - roller skate - tighten your stomach muscles while sitting - play catch - do jumping jacks - park away from destination and walk - wash windows- lift hand weights while talking on the phone - walk around the shopping mall - stretch while using the computer - offer to help others lift and carry - redecorate - build a snowman - go swimming - clean out the garage - go on a nature walk - walk a neighbors dog - turn your mattresses - jump rope - use the stairs - walk through the zoo - play miniature golf - avoid drive-up windows - join a gym - walk before or after dinner - pull weeds - mow your lawn with a push mower - do dishes by hand - clean out your closets - pack up items for donations - dust - have a hoola hoop contest - take up Yoga



I have been overweight all my life. I can not really remember being a thin, healthy person. I currently have osteoarthritis in my knees, Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, hypertension, allergies, Myofacial Pain Syndrome and migraines. I lost 70 pounds about 15 years ago and have gained it all back and more. This is about the same time I learned I had a chronic pain condition. I was in denial for a long time and then I finally just gave up. I couldn't do anything physical without suffering for days afterward. In 2005 I decided to try the gel injections in my knees so that I would be able to at least walk and maybe lose some weight. That did not happen. My doctor informed me that I would still not be able to walk for exercise. I read up on the Gastic By-pass surgery and made my decision in November of 2005. I have been working on getting the insurance approval since March 2006. I can hardly wait to become the newest butterfly.

February 16, 2007

I was asked to post this list to my profile so here it is.




AmigesicDarvon compoundsNaprosyn

ALL NSAIDS are also included in the above list.  (See below.) Dr. Chiasson will be using Cox-2 Inhibitors below for those needing them:  Bextra, Celebrex , Vioxx . Also OK is 81 mg daily of enteric coated aspirin if prescribed by your PCP 



Glycerin SuppositoriesSafetussin
ColaceImodium ADSudafed
DimetappMilk of MagnesiaTriaminics (all)
Dulcolax SuppositoriesPeri-ColaceTylenol
Fleet EnemaPhazymeTylenol Cold Products
Gas-XRobitussinTylenol Extra Strength
 I want to help everyone understand the reason NSAIDS are dangerous for us.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not just that they are “pouch burners” as the industry wants us to believe.  It goes much deeper than that.  According to an article published in the June 1999 New England Journal of Medicine, NSAIDS, once absorbed into the blood stream cause a chain of chemical reactions that affect the prostaglandins and this in turn reduces the production of mucus in the GI system.  The mucus is what lines our GI system and protects our pouch and intestines from damage. If the mucus production is reduced, this would allow ANYTHING, including eating something with too sharp of an edge or food that are too spicy, to inadvertently begin a marginal ulcer.  The best answer is to avoid NSAIDS at all cost.  Taking an H2 receptor drug, such as Prilosec, Prevacid or Nexium is only a bandaid and no guarantee it will protect you. If you are desperate to try an NSAID, I would recommend Arthrotec since it has a prostaglandin compound in it that tries to prevent the chemical reaction mentioned above, but you are still at risk for marginal ulcers anytime you take an anti-inflammatory.*By Michele Van Hook-Troesch, RN  and reviewed by Dr. Chiasson

Plateau Buster Dieton January 22, 2007 3:14 pm

as posted by Protein Princess:How to break a plateau#1 - Do this for 10 days to break a plateau. #2 - Drink 2 quarts of water a day. #3 - You must have 45 grams of protein supplement and all your vitamins/minerals supplements each day. #4 - You may consume up to 3 oz of the following high protein foods, 5x a day. beefporkchickenturkeylambfisheggslow fat cheesecottage cheeseplain yogurt or artificially sweetened Peanut butter Beans/legumes you may also have: sugar free Popsiclestea or coffeesugar free sodasugar free Jell-osugar free Kool-aidbroths/boullion Crystal light drinks#5 - If it's not on the list, you can't have it for 10 days!!!!

PROTEIN IDEAS-PORTION-CALS- PROTEIN(gm)Beans, canned, baked-1/2 cup-123-7Beans, kidney, canned-1/2 cup-112-8Beef eye of round-3 oz-143-21Beef top loin-3 oz-176-21Cheese, american fat free-1 oz-40-6Cheese, cottage creamed-1/2 cup-82-14Cheese, parmesan grated-1/4 cup-128--12Cheese, mozzarella,part skim-1 oz-78-8Cheese, part skim riccota-1/4 cup-90-8Chicken, breast- no skin--3 oz-138-26Chicken, leg- no skin-3 oz-162-21Cod, white baked-3 oz-89-21Crab, steamed-3 oz-82-17Egg, hard cooked-1-78-6Flounder-3 oz-62-21Halibut-3 oz-119-21Ham, lean, 5% fat-3 oz-133-21Hamburger, 90% lean-3 oz-169-21Lobster, steamed-3 oz-77-16Milk, skim-1 cup-86-8Milk, skim plus-1 cup-120-11Peas, chick, canned-1/2 cup-134-7Pork tenderloin-3 oz-139-21Pork loin chop-3 oz-172-21Salmon, baked-3 oz-155-21Shrimp, steamed-(15 large) 3 oz-84-18Soybeans(edemami)-1/2 cup-149-14.3Soy flour, defatted-1/4 cup-81.7-12.8Soymilk, plain-1 cup-79-6.6Soynuts-1/4 cup-202-15Steak, sirloin, trimmed-3 oz-166-26Swordfish, baked-3 oz-132-21Tempeh-1/2 cup-165-15.7Texturized soy protein-1/2 cup-59-11Tofu-1/2 cup-94-10Tuna, canned, water packed-3 oz-111-25Turkey, white meat-3 oz-105-21Veal loin--3 oz-149-21Veal leg(top round)-3 oz-128-21Yogurt(sugar free) frozen,-1/2 cup-80--7Yogurt Dannon lightn'fit creamy-6 oz-100-8

SPICES TO USE IN YOUR RECIPES...........................
Dill:   Sweet smell, sometimes buttery taste. Dips, sauces, breads(rye type),  fish, pork, chicken, green beans, and pickles.   Fennel Seed (whole):   Has a licorice taste. Similar to anise.  This spice is  popular in Italian sausage and fish dishes. Also, this seed can be used with  breads, pork, and vegetables. I use a lot of fennel in my spagetti with meat  sauce. Add when sweating the onion. Mmm!  Parsley:   Flakes Slight Grassy flavor.  Cream sauces, salads, cheese dishes.  Parsley potatoes with garlic is my favorite. I use it just to dress up light  color dishes like mac & cheese, alfredo, or even casseroles.   Pepper:  All pepper is not the same! If you can afford it, get a peppermill  and Tellicherry or Malabar pepper. You will thank me later. Tellicherry  peppercorns are larger, more pungent, and more aromatic than regular black  peppercorns. They only come from India. Try adding this intense flavor to  your soups, stews, and meat dishes. Also wonderful atop cottage cheese.   Rosemary:  Strong but pleasant flavor. Sprinkle on top of pizza or mix with   olive oil and garlic for lamb, poultry, and veal dishes. I take whole rosemary  and use a coffee grinder to make it into a powder. I have a grinder just for  spices. I don't recommend using the same one for coffee.   Sage:  Dried sage is stronger and more flavorful than fresh sage Veal,  seafood, sausage, and pork dishes. Add sparingly to salads, teas, and   vegetables to create a unique twist. Common addition to stuffing.   Tarragon:  Hint of anise, but I think it has a little bit of a lemony taste  too. Tarragon is delicious with egg-based dishes and with fish and poultry.  Try adding it to wine vinegar or to butter for unique flavors. Tarragon is  sensitive to heat, so store in a cool, dark place and add to dishes near the  end of cooking. I use it mainly in a shake-it type coating for chicken. Just  a pinch, and rub it between your fingers to release the aroma.  

22 June 2006Submitted my paperwork to Pacificare. I should know if I am approved or not in 7-10 working days. I must be patient.11 July 2006I am starting to get anxious about whether or not I have been approved by PacifiCare for the RNY. I have emailed Colene and called PacifiCare but nothing yet. :o(12 Jul 06Just called the surgeon's office to find out about the insurance approval. They had not heard back from the insurance so she called PacifiCare. Get this...they tell her that the fax number she faxed my paperwork to has been disconnected since last October. She told me that there is no way since she has been using that number. Do you smell something rotten in Denmark???So now we have to start over and wait another 7-10 working days for approval.On the up side...maybe I will get my surgery date around my birthday. Wouldn't that be a great present to ME?????27 July 06I'm APPROVED. Now I will wait at least another two weeks to hear from Dianna for my surgery date. I should also be receiving a package in the mail.1 Aug 06Went to TUSWLS group meeting and made my announcement. I also got weighed and was pleasantly surprised to find out I have lost 19 pounds since I started the approval process.

Oct 31, 2006 

I am down 5 more pounds for a total of 39.  The Size 22 pants we bought 2-3 weeks ago are now loose around the waist.  This is so much fun!!!!!  I am really looking forward to the challenge of eating out and deciding what to have.  I am leaning towards shrimp cocktail or soup depending on where we go.

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