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Dec 29, 2008


Christmas was such a joy this year.  One granddaughter has a birthday on the 23rd so I took off work and took her and her sisters to see "Twilight".  We had a great time and enjoyed the movie.  On the 24th we made about 2 dozen luminaries to put out in front of the house for Christmas Eve and it looked so pretty.  Then it rained on Christmas Day so they were ruined for the rest of the season. 

We drove to Phoenix on Saturday to visit with two of the boys.  Joe enjoyed it the most because he was able to see his great grandson for the very first time.  The little guy even let him hold him and didn't want us to leave without him. 

I had kind of a "WOW" moment.  My oldest granddaughter told me, "Nana, you are so much more fun now that you have lost the weight".  That made my day.  I am really enjoying my grandchildren so much more these days.


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