Mobile Infirmary (COE)

"Overalll the hospital staff is very knowledgeable and hepful. They seem to forget that the biggest impression is left when leaving, not just when you are staying. Hopefully, this will sink through. The positive thing about the hospital is their "Begin Again" program, which is required before surgery. You meet with a dietician,nurse and nutritionist to discuss your pre-op and post-op behavior. The leave you with an excellent manual called "Gastric Bypass: Eating Methods After Surgery". It outlines week by week, the foods allowed to be eaten, preparation and explains dumping and all things associated with Gastric Bypass. They even visit you before you are dismissed from the hospital to give you additional recipes and tips."

Joseph Galloway

"My first impression of him was that he was professional and knowledgeable. He was very attentive and informative in the hospital before surgery. The thing that most impressed me was their \"Begin Again \" program for $125. The program is required before your operation. It is very detailed because you meet with a nutritionist, dietician,exercise specialist and a nurse. They each take about 30 minutes to an hour informing you of pre-op and post-op directions. You are also given a book called \"Gastric Bypass: Eating After the Surgery\". It gives you detail week by week, the foods allowed, how to prepare them and exercise techniques. It is extremely informative and thorough. Now as far as Dr. Galloway's demeanor, he is friendly,but not overly. As I stated earlier, he is very professional, informative, not pushy and has a professional sense of humor. He visited me twice after my surgery to make sure I was progressing properly and then scheduled my follow up two weeks after the surgery. His office staff was great as well. I do not have much negative to say about my experience. He performed my sister's surgery a year ago and did great follow-up and she is doing great. The only thing is that if you want a doctor who is playful and overly talkative he is not. If you want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, to the point but is still human then, he is the best choice. I will keep you informed as to how he is with long-term follow-up."
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