My story is like so many others, I'm sure. I have been large all my life. I remember, I was in 6th grade, I had to have a physical before I could enter junior high school, I weighed in at 154 pounds. I remember I wore size 16 1/2 clothes. My mom was upset with me because during those times it was very hard to find clothes to fit me and I had a sister who was petite and fit.

In high school I tried every diet that I could including pure starvation. I lost a few pounds then those pounds return along with a few more. I hated high school, I was teased every day. I worked at a fast food establishment where I met guys a little older who would ask me out, they would tell me I was beautiful but if I would just lose some weight. I hated myself.

I met someone who had never really had a girlfriend before, he was nice and he accepted me the way I was, you guessed it, I married him. I had 4 children, we were married for almost 18 years when our son died at the age of 5 (1991). My husband and I became closer for a couple of years. I received counseling for the loss of my son, my husband chose not to get counseling. He became a very angry person and emotionally abusive. I ate to compensate. I divorced him in 1999 after seeing how his anger was affecting my daughters. At this time, I weighed 288.

Now divorced, I lived in our home with two of my daughters. Money was very tight so my dinners were light. I went down to 260. I started dating men I met through BBW clubs and websites. After 2 yrs of dating I met a wonderful man whom I am now married to for almost 7 yrs.

In 2005, my dad died, I ate to console myself. Also, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I weighed 317. The surgeon who performed the mastectomy insisted that I lose weight. I knew I had to do it. I knew I had to do it slowly and consistently. In May 2009, I weighed 229, I was so proud of myself. Then, there was a change in my medications and my position I held for 16 years working in education was being eliminated. My world crashed down on me.

I accepted a position at a high school and started working on Sept.1 but I had ballooned to 255. In November, I decided to research bariatric surgery. A previous co-worker went through it and she was doing great, I felt this is what I needed to give me the tool I needed to totally succeed. So....... here I am, ready willing and able to complete my journey to a healthy, painfree, and confident me.

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