Carole M. 16 years, 11 months ago

Joy, Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you best of luck on your journey. I had Dr. Koler when she was in the Downers Grove IL facility. She's an awesome doctor! Don't give up hope that you will soon be on your way to the same weight loss! Fight it all the way....afterall...this is YOUR life you are talking about! If you ever need to talk or would like to find out about my experiences just let me know and I'll help in any way I can! Open RNY 8/20/02 -157 pounds!

Phatlexus 17 years ago

Joy i know how you feel. I want the slimmer me to come out. I pray that God will open many doors and he will so that ypu will have the WLS of your choice.

Sharon Neva 17 years, 2 months ago

JOY~~~BEST WISHES ON YOUR WLS JOURNEY~~ May the world hug you today with its warmth, and love.....Pray it whispers a joyful tune in your heart.....And may the wind carry a voice that tells you there is a friend sitting in another corner of the world wishing you well!~~ Have you stopped by the message board yet? It's a great place to find information and support.
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