I have been married for 10 years to my wonderful husband Eric.  We have two great boys who are 8 years old and 5 years old.  We love the outdoors, we go camping quite a bit and we love dirt bike ridding.  My husband and boys ride dirt bikes and I ride a quad.  It is so much fun!!  Even though I am very overweight I am still a pretty active person.  I can't wait to start my Weight Loss journey.  It will be great to do all the activites I like to do without it being so difficult from being over weight.  My kids are so active in sports and they always want to play and being overweight makes it so hard to keep up with them.  My husband is overweight but not anything like me.  We both really like to eat, hopefully when I get going with my WLS it will get my whole family on track for eating healthy!

I work in a school cafeteria which is really hard because I have to make fresh chocolate chip cookies every day!  So I am around food all the time.  Not that school cafeteria food is all that great but it's food and it's there!!  But I am really confident that if I get the Lap Band done it will help to control my hunger and I can then resist the temptation of popping one of those cookies in my mouth!!

Other than being obese, I do not have any other health problems yet.  My BP is good and I don't have high cholesterol or diabetes.  I am starting to have some joint pain though in my knees.   And I know if I don't go through with this WLS that I will begin to have health problems.

So I am just waiting to get my Cardiac Clearance and hopefully that will go smoothly, then hopefully I will get this surgery scheduled and begin my Weight loss journey.

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