Cardiac Clearance

Aug 24, 2008

So I went on Friday Aug. 22 nd.  to the cardiologist and had my stress echo.  I passed the test and was cleared for surgery!  But I have been doing a lot of thinking about the surgery and I don't know if I am ready to go through it.  My authorization for the surgery is good untill Feb. 2009 so I have decided to give it another shot at dieting on my own before I make my decision.  I went yesterday to weight watchers and rejoined.  I signed up for 10 weeks and I am going to give it my all and see how I do.  If after the 10 weeks I see that I just can't do this on my own, then I will go through with the lap band.  I know I have talked to a few people who have had the lap band done and they love it and would do it over again in a heartbeat, but I just can't get myself to say "yes, I want to have this surgery."  And right now I don't have any other health problems besides being morbidly obese.  I don't have sleep apnea, I don't have diabetes, I don't have High blood pressure.  So to me it is not like a total rush to go have this surgery done.  I figured I have been fat for so many years now that waiting 10 more weeks to decide to have the surgery is not going to kill me.  Am I CRAZY??!!!  I know so many people would be so excited to be cleared for this surgery and have it covered by their insurance.  I'm just not.

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Cardiac Clearance