Ever since I can remember, I been overweight. Now that I am an adult its become a serious issue for me. My current weight is 473lbs. I've tried losing weight using various methods and dont get me wrong I've had great results, but when I least expect it, I was back gaining weight. It's the very famous yo-yo effect. Now that I understand that obesity is a disease, I' ve pursued to take care of it medically.

About a year ago I decided to learn about gastric bypass surgery. After doing extensive research I decided that this procedure was for me. I went to see my doctor and but he kept giving me excuses. It seemed like he was opposed to me having the surgery. It almost seemed like he didnt care. I kepted insisting for about 5 months and I got no where. Then something horrible happened to me in October of last year.  I was involved in a car accident and due to injuries, all my plans got put on hold. 

I resumed with my plans 4 months ago but again got no where with my doctor. This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I upgraded my insurance from HMO to PPO. The day my upgrade was approved, I contacted Dr. Quilici's office. Being that I now had a PPO, I avoided having to obtain a medical referal. They gave me my first appointment within a week of that phone call. After meeting with Dr. Quilici and attending a educational class pertaining to the surgery, my paperwork was submitted to Bluecross and i got approved within 3 days. I must say that was the happiest day of my life. Now I'm 2 weeks away!!

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