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I am a 37 year old man that has several co-morbid conditions. I have weighed 304 at my highest weight. I am down to 254 right now. I have tried every diet you can imagine and have even tried phen-phen resulting in having quadruple heart by-pass surgery. I have tried the grapefruit diet, dexatrim, cabbage soup diet, mayo clinic diet, gyms, weight watchers, slim fast, and many other diets. I have diabetes, highblood preasure, and high colesterol. I AM DETERMINED TO LIVE TO SEE MY CHILDREN GROWN WITH CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN SHOULD JESUS TARRY!!!

In '99, I was in a double head on collision which left me with 2 broken hips and a broken right leg. I was left in a wheelchair for a while. I was told I would never walk again, but God had different plans for me! I then went to a walker, then to a cane and now a leg brace. My hips still hurt all the time, but I am walking. My right foot was left paralyzed due to hip bones going through the nerves and muscles in my hip. I also have nueropathy in both feet and legs due to diabetes. I am not able right now to walk far without my legs giving out on me. Diabetes seems to be (or let me say its trying to destroy)destroying me slowly. I know that God is able to heal. I'm living proof of that. My father died at 60 of heart disease and diabetes. My mom is a diabetic and has conjestive heart failure. My grandmother died at 62 of diabetes complications and renal failure. My grandfather died of a stroke. I know that I am in God's hands and He is my healer, but I believe he has led me to have this surgery! I have faced death 3 times. Once in 1985 in Dothan, AL. God spared me then. In 1998 I had a heart attack while at work. Two days later, I'm having quadruple heart by-pass. Then in '99 I was in a double head on collision where I was hit by a drunk driver. He spun my car around into oncoming traffic and another car hit me head on. I spent a month in a coma. God has a plan and a purpose tho! God isn't finished with me yet!!!!! Satan is fighting a losing battle! He leaves with a black eye everytime!



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 Lucy my baby
I am in love!  Yep!  It's true!  All the rumors.  LOL What rumors, right?  Lucy and I have been talking since July 07 but something special happened a few months ago!  I NEVER knew love was right here in my face, all along.  We have a mutual friend and Lucy had inquired about me to JuJu.  One day, on the Bama Reunion (Obesity Help Support Group) Cruise, JuJu asked me, "Randall, what about Lucy?"  LOL  My reaction was, "What about Lucy?"  HAHA!  She said she is interested in you.  Since then, Lucy and I have been talking and true love has come from God.  Lucy is the most incredible woman!  She is so unselfish.  So FULL of love.  So caring! So wonderful!  Cupid hit me hard this time.  I'm a corny man ain't I?  HAHA  I NEVER expected to fall in love again.  Much less this serious.  I just planned on raising my 2 beautiful babies and living.  Deep inside, I longed for companionship, but never knew God had more and better plans laid up for me!  For BOTH Lucy and I!  I LOVE YOU BABY!
I am a father of 2 wonderful teens.  They are my life.  They LOVE Lucy as well.  Torey asked her last night if he could call her "Momma Lucy".  He caught both she and I off guard.  I didn't see that one coming.  Allison talks to her on the phone a lot and they text back and forth.  They are happy for me.  I would never do anything to lose my babies and this is why I KNOW this is a God thing!  God brought Lucy and I together!  Torey and Allison are amazing!  They have accepted our love and relationship.  They are happy for both of us.  What incredible Children I have.  They sure keep me busy.  I LOVE having them around me.  God has placed a special love in my heart for them.  Since their Momma, Joie went home to be with God, I guess I have HER love and MINE for them. 
I work with the Youth at our church as Youth Director of Faith Walk Ministries. I am the church Secretary and I love it!  I volunteer 15 hours a week and it keeps me busy.  Even though I am disabled, I just can't sit at home.  I would go stir crazy.  I love to minister the Word of God.  My life is all about HIM!  If you have a need, SEEK HIM FIRST and watch what HE will do in your life.  All the other things fall into place when HE IS FIRST!  He has brought me from death 2 times.  LITERALLY!  God is MORE than able to do anything if we believe in HIM!  What do you need HIM to do for you?  Just ask HIM! Seek Him!  Watch HIM make a difference in YOUR LIFE!  He sure has made a difference in my life! 

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My Interest
Ministry, music, youth work at church and GOD FIRST!
I love to cook!  OH! I do catering too.  OH!! AND I LOVE COFFEE!!!  
I enjoy doing "COFFEE TALK" on several of the OH Boards each morning!  
Have you read them?  Did I mention I LOVE COFFEE?? HEHEHE  I have only found 
flavor of coffee that I do not like.  That would be "butter nut toffee" coffee.  YUK! LOL


Coffee Coffee

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April 3, 2005

I went to Memphis for the weekend and finally got to meet my angel, Genny Cockrell. I also met a pre-op patient named Katherine. We had the best time. Katherine and Genny took me to the Olive Garden for Dinner and on Saturday, Genny and I went site seeing before we headed off to the "Spring Fling". I really had a great time. Genny is an awesome person and is so sweet. I am truly honored to have gotten to meet her. I thank God that she is my angel! I love you Genny!

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April 18, 2005
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Singing at the Alabama Reunion 2005
Having coffee in the Bahamas 2008
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More Cruise 2008 Pics.  Gotta love Juju, Dar, Shelia, Carmen and I.  We had a blast!

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Some pics of my 2 wonderful Children
My Beautiful Daughter, Allison


My Son, Torey



 Easter 2006

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