Tiffany Jessee D.O.

"Dr. Jessee wasn't even on my radar until I received an email invite to attend one of her info sessions. As soon as I met Dr. Jessee and her team I knew she was the surgeon for me. She was/is so much more personable than the other bariatric surgeons I met. She understands obesity and its ramifications like obese people and not just like a surgeon. Every surgeon I met while investigating weight loss surgery was competent and well recommended. However, none of them instilled the confidence in me like Dr. Jessee did.rnrnBeing a self payer, cost was also an important consideration for me. I wasn't looking for the cheapest path but I did want to know how much this was going to cost me right up front. Dr. Jessee's team were the only ones that could spell out the cost for me in a simple and concise format. Other surgeon offices couldn't give me a straight answer. Some even had me calling all over the place (Hospitals, dieticians, psychologists, etc...) for itemized costs.rnrnTime was another factor for me. As a self payer I didn't have any insurance hassles or the need to follow a monitored diet for 3 or 6 months. Without compromising my care Dr. Jessee fast tracked me right through her program and I had surgery within 6 weeks of meeting her.rnrnAfter selecting Dr. Jessee as my surgeon I did run into some administrative issues up front. Dr. Jessee performs surgery in a handful of different locations. A couple of times I was given information specific to a facility different than to where I was having surgery. Although these issues were remedied immediately it did cause some confusion for me.rnrnOverall my experience with Dr. Jesse has been great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anybody considering weight loss surgery."

Palms of Pasadena Hospital (COE)

"The hospital is dated and lacked equipment geared towards obese patients. The staff however was very attentive to my needs as an obese patient. They were also very friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Overall a very good experience."
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