I am 5' 4" and 384 lbs. I have two little boys who I adore no matter how crazy they make me. Adam is 5 and Andrew is 3. I am in fear of not living long enough to enjoy them.


Ok, today talked to Sarah in Dr Wagner's office. She is so wonderful, I feel like I made a new best friend. Today was the first day I really dug into what needs to happen in order to get this process moving right along. Everything I touched went thru slick as butter touched by a hot knife. If it all goes this smooth, I could very well be having surgery by November 1st. Which excites me to no end. Will update more as I know more. I go for my Phsych eval tomorrow, they too were extremely nice. Hoping to get my blood work done tomorrow also. YEAH.................


Went to Psych consult-she said yes, susan , you are crazy, and she then cleared me for surgery. Did not get my blood work done. Have to get the script from surgeons office tomorrow.


Turned in paperwork to surgeons office and Sarah said we could go ahead and schedule the consultation. So excited. It just all seems so much like a reality. Also, after going over my insurance info with me she said that my insurance requires A conultation with a nutritionist. So she made that call and gave me the script to get my blood work done. Hoping to accomplish this all while here next tuesday. I want it sooo sooo bad. I have tried not to get excited. It is impossible. The thought of knowing I dont have to live like this forever. It would be and is SUCH a miracle. I want it sooo bad. My consultation with the surgeon is tuesday the 26th of September, will update after that.


Ok, sorry for so long of update. Ok lets see, just the facts. Preinsurance submittance blood work-done-came back NO PROBLEMS. Meeting with Dr Wagner,went great, he said I was an excellent candidate for gastric bypass. Insurance submittance-all was sent to insurance on friday(09/29/06). And now the big one- THE WAITING BEGINS.......TIC, TIC, TIC.

Why wouldn't the insurance approve me, I am so qualified.
We will see.
Oh ya, and the office manager in my surgeons office said I should wait at least a week before calling the insurance to see if they know anything, yah, thats not gonna happen. I will be calling first thing in the morning. :) Will let you know if I hear anything or learn anything. Toodles....


Insurance approved me- Surgeon Office called said ok lets schedule surgery. I could have probably had it sooner, but I chose. November 13, 2006. My sons birthday is end of October and dont want my recovery interfering with that and then there is halloween and my kids would never forgive me if I could not take them and I need to be 30 days smoke free. I ask for November 6, 2006 and Sarah said Dr wagner is out of town that week.
So we settled on the 13th. Fine with me. Just a week more for me to get nervous and prepare.


Ok, I am on this site every day, why I have not posted, who knows. I am excited. Have tests to complete and they said they dont do them til about 3 weeks out from surgery. so Probably next week we will start scheduling them. I want to find someone who is having it the same day as me at my hospital. someone to buddy up with. I search everyday the surgery dates and no one yet to this point. Hopefully. I will have one. I want a buddy. I know everyone on here is a great buddy, it is that it is a little different when there is someone inyour own hometown. Hope that does not offend anyone.. I hope you understand, Cause baby,I luvs you all so much. You my family.:):)

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