Had complications and ended back in the hospital

Oct 29, 2007

Well its been a hard week, I ended up having emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel because of some scar tissue.  Talk about pain, I hope that never happens again.  When I talked with my doctor, i was his first for complications, go figure.   I broke down and cried several times, because I was on the mend and getting ready for my new life and things felt like they just fell apart.  Now I'm stuck in the house for another 9 days and I'm a little stir crazy.  Oh well, the good thing is I'm down 30 pounds in a month, so I can't complain one bit.  Its like shopping in my own closets I can finally get back into my other clothes.  Its just hard to believe that I'll be in onederland soon.... 

A week out and I'm feeling like a new person

Oct 12, 2007

  Well its been one week since my surgery with Dr. Kligman, and i've lost 15.5 pounds which to me is amazing.  I haven't had a weight loss like this in years and and am so pleased I can't even comprehend this is happening to me

just me with Dr. Kligman

Oct 01, 2007

Well I'm ready to go into surgery on Thursday and I'm a bit nervous, but excited as well.  I just can't believe its happening to me.  I keep coming up with the "what if's", like what if the weight doesn't come off , what if this doesn't work....maybe its because I've tried so many other times and nothing happened.  I'm keeping my head up and going to get this weight off as quickly as I can with plenty of exercise and sticking to my diet....

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Had complications and ended back in the hospital
A week out and I'm feeling like a new person
just me with Dr. Kligman