18 months!!

Oct 03, 2009

I can not believe it has been this long!!  I guess i have just been so busy with my life. I now know why they want you to be psychologically healthy when you start your journey. Of course, we all want to be mentally healthy and prepared all of the time but as we go on this journey so many things change.  Your feelings about yourself, old and new, actual and perceived, reality and desire, they never seem to quite meet. What you think about yourself and how others see you, these are true challenges.

Now, with that said, we need to be mentally strong for the everyday challenges that life brings. Those challenges just don't stop because I am on "my journey"! Oh no, they keep coming!! Children growing up becoming their own person, 12 turning 13 y/o, 15 turning 16 y/o, failing Ag class, girls teasing you because you don't look just like they do, girls are not interested in me "I'll never have a girlfriend"...... Husband with two job changes ... better finances/worse finances... save save save..... spend spend spend.... dog dies ... like your own child.... best friend tired of your mood swings...... whew... I think I am mentally exhausted!  Life keeps coming.

Thank you Jesus!!!!  
Life keeps coming  thanks to God, my surgeon, this surgery and my family.  I am here and I am ready for life. I am now at a steady 138-142lbs. I no longer have any problems with Diabetes or Hypertension and any medications for those diseases.                      I am well!!  I   AM   WELL!!!!!!!!         (mentally too!!)  in my opinion!

4 months and counting!!

Aug 05, 2008

Yep, it has been 4 months. I can't believe it. I still feel really good. None of the health problems have returned. That is my blessing. 50lbs!! WOW!!  Feels really good. I am wearing size 10;s and 8's. I actually have been in a size 6 Old Navy jeans (maybe made bigger or something). Of course all the extra skin is gross. But I already have plans on taking care of that later.   Will try really hard to keep updating. This has been such a wonderful journey. Thank you God, my family, Dr. Alvarez, and my retirement plan.

Three months out!! What a celebration Happy 4th!!!!

Jul 04, 2008

I really love my sleev.  I am just getting the hang of how it works. but in the 3 days shy of 3 months i have lost 45 lbs.  Am I happy? Well yes I am.  I really don't see it in me as much as what others see.  I have had some things at work that has kept me busier so my exercise has been flailing somewhat.  But I am trying to get back on track.   I am wearring a size8 now. whoohoo!!! I had origionally thought my goal weight should be about 150.  but then I thought it would be great if I can get to 135. so I'll try.     Thanks for listening.  jac

The big 2 mth anniverssary!!!!

Jun 08, 2008

Happpy, Oh Gosh yes am I happy.  I go through these terrible long stalls then out of the blue they are over, I am thanking Jesus at that point,  I think it is just going to be a part of my normal routine. I have a wonderfully brilliant and fun weekend with my best friend vicki and her boys. Like I have said before, she is my biggest support. we really  had  a good time just hangout aroung the house , baking in the pool, watching the kids, and just having alot of time to catch up on things we don't always get to talk about. I just love her No no beer for me, but she was able to come up with a concoxtion that worked. No carbonation, can sip it. worked well, lemonaide mixed with berry pucker and ice, all crushed together like a margarita.  was Wonderful!!  She loves me.  
----------------- 31 lbs --------------------------------

6 Weeks out!!

May 19, 2008

20 Year Reunion.  OMG!! I am 6 weeks out and my 20 yr high school reunion is this week end.  I have lost 27 lbs!! I feel really good other than the night shift issues. My protein shakes are starting to cause me some issues. I drink it then get stomach cramps then diarrhea.  So now I am not sure how to get all of the pretein in. I am going to the health food store tomorrow. I can't believe how much I have lost. I can't wait to see where I am at 2 months out.

One Month Surgiversary

May 06, 2008

It has been a difficult last 2+ weeks. I did not think I would have a stall so early on. I just seem to be losing slow. That is ok. I will take what I can get. I just have to remember all of the good things that have happened to me since this surgery.  I continue to be without INSULIN!!  My blood pressure is also been normal, so no more b/p meds.  I go to my endocrinologists next week. I can't wait to see my labs. I bet they are all so much better. well for one month out I have dropped 20lbs!!! I will take pictures and post them. I can easily wear my daughters size 14 capris. I started at 18. and 2-3x tops. now xl.  LOVE MY SLEEV

Be more real!!!

Apr 25, 2008

Okay, I am learning to be more real.  I know the way this process works. Just take a breather...and let things happen. Keep on doing the right things and all that is supposed to happen will.  I have such a "control" problem.  I want to be the one in control all of the time.  I think I will just sit back on this one and just support my tool with eating the right things, providing the water and protein. Giving my body enough physical activity.  Then I am sure that my tool can and will do all that is needed to be done.  I will be the supporter. Not the controller.  I feel lighter all ready.    jac


Apr 23, 2008

Well, I felt better right after surgery and getting home. I think I just haven't been getting enough protein, water and calories.  I had been getting about 400-475 cal/day. probably 40 gm protein.  I have started a food diary.  I also have bought some more measuring devices.  I thought I was getting much more than I actually was.  

I also find it so hard to get the protein-carb ratio met. Ieat malto meal 13 gm carbs, a couple other items with just a few 8gm-6gm carbs, getting about 40/day. but then the protein-carb ratio is almost equal.  i am not sure how to fix that.  The carbs are not all bad carbs (like in the whole wheat malto meal).  Still in the full liquid stage. Any suggestions?

Well I started back to work as well. (nights) Gosh working nights stinks, I mean its not the work, it is just trying to live a daytime life working nights.  

Got to get ready for work, I'll check back for replies. thanks, jac

10 days out :)

Apr 17, 2008

10 days out and I really feel good. I actually have not felt this well, mentally and physically, in years.  Mind you I am only 38. I have had diabetes since my 2nd pregnancy. First gestational then full blown, insulin taking, insulin resistant diabetes.  It is such a viscous circle.  You are overweight so you get diabetes, take insulin to control diabetes, gain weight from insulin, fatter feel worse take more insulin.  But that is all behind me now.  I know hat I am still on a liquid diet and that is part of it, but I have had NO insulin since surgery and absolutely normal blood sugars.  Thank you Jesus!!!  I am going back to work tomorrow (nights) and I don't want to fall back into the same old.... work, sleep, eat.  I pray that does not happen. I love my new found "me" again.  I love "this me".  I want to keep her.  Pray for me.  BTW I was 226 highest weight, 215 2 weeks pre-op, 208 one day pre-op (on my scale), 206.8 dr. scale day of surgery, and now 195. Yippee!!!!

Healthcare at home.

Apr 14, 2008

I feel so bad for those that had surgery in the U.S. and were not treated in the caring way that we all want to be treated. My visit to Dr. A and Peidras Negras Mexico, I really had a great stay. The nurses were always there, everything was very clear as to what I should expect, what and when I was to eat ice chips or sip water and when I was to walk. The only time I ever had to call a nurse, she came immediately.The night nurses did not speak much English and could not understand me so they let me know they would call the doctor, literally with in minutes the doctor was in my room.  Come to find out I was having heartburn, gave me a med and in 10 minutes it was gone.  I have recieved emails from my doctor already.  I can't believe how wonderful the care was.  I have been a Registered Nurse working in hospitals for 16 years and you just don't get that kind of care here.  We make sure all of the assessments are done and documented, the meds are given. Alot of times that is all that we can do in the amount of time that we are there. We just have so many different things to take care of that has nothing to do with the comfort or care of the patients. Insurance bueracracy, JACHO guidelines. Everything to show that on paper we are all in compliance.  It just doesn't seem right.   This is America darn it!!!! I know we can do better and most of us want to but are so tied down by all of the crap we just can't do it all. Unfortunately what falls by the wayside is the patient.     jac

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Three months out!! What a celebration Happy 4th!!!!
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