18 months!!

Oct 03, 2009

I can not believe it has been this long!!  I guess i have just been so busy with my life. I now know why they want you to be psychologically healthy when you start your journey. Of course, we all want to be mentally healthy and prepared all of the time but as we go on this journey so many things change.  Your feelings about yourself, old and new, actual and perceived, reality and desire, they never seem to quite meet. What you think about yourself and how others see you, these are true challenges.

Now, with that said, we need to be mentally strong for the everyday challenges that life brings. Those challenges just don't stop because I am on "my journey"! Oh no, they keep coming!! Children growing up becoming their own person, 12 turning 13 y/o, 15 turning 16 y/o, failing Ag class, girls teasing you because you don't look just like they do, girls are not interested in me "I'll never have a girlfriend"...... Husband with two job changes ... better finances/worse finances... save save save..... spend spend spend.... dog dies ... like your own child.... best friend tired of your mood swings...... whew... I think I am mentally exhausted!  Life keeps coming.

Thank you Jesus!!!!  
Life keeps coming  thanks to God, my surgeon, this surgery and my family.  I am here and I am ready for life. I am now at a steady 138-142lbs. I no longer have any problems with Diabetes or Hypertension and any medications for those diseases.                      I am well!!  I   AM   WELL!!!!!!!!         (mentally too!!)  in my opinion!


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