Guillermo Alvarez

"I have researched long and hard to find the right one. I have never heard anything bad about Dr. A. My Gyn Dr. had even heard of him with nothing negative to say. only good. rnrnSusan has been very easy to reach. Always very pleasant talk to. she has been such a wonderful resource. The process has been very easy as well. I've been very pleased so far.rnrnFirst impression of Dr. A?.....smells great :) rnrnHow did my impression change?..... He was very meticulous, caring, giving, down to earth, conscienscous, and very excited about his profession and helping people.rnrnHis office and staff are very nice, staff very helpful.rnrnThere was nothing not to like.rnrnNot to be concerned about having the surgery with him in Mexico. It was all so well worth it. Not even the money being the issue, but the care recieved by Dr. A and his associate physician. rnrnHe did emphasize the importance of aftercare and sticking to the guidelines he had given me. His confidence in my wellbeing at discaharge was very reassurring to me.rnrnI would rate him at 10++++ overall. I would say that his competence as a surgeon educated in this procedure was the most important part to me but he also has one of the best bed side manners I have seen.rnrnSusan called me after I had been discharged to check on me, she has always been great and continues to be.rnrnRosie, well what can you say. She is just as wonderful as can be. Very comforting and makes you feel well taken care of. She has an important part of setting up the hotels, and making sure everyone is picked up at the appropriate times. She coordinates everything very well. rnrnGod bless each and everyone of these people. rnrnUpdate: My one year surgiversary is just around the corner! It has been 11.5 months since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. I have been at goal since around the last of October. I have never felt better. I no longer have any of the problems I previously lived with everyday. My diabetes is completely resolved. I have not had one dose of Insulin since the night of my surgery. My blood pressure is normal with no medication. I weigh 136lbs. I wear a size 6 with some 4's. When I met Dr. A he siad, You are going to be tiny. I never ever thought that would describe me. Now my 15 y/o son calls me tiny. My relationship with my children is better (I am a more active mom), my husband and I are as tightly bound together as ever. rnrnDr. A has always been very easy to talk with. I hear back from him after an email within a couple hours. Speaking as a nurse, this is far different than any physician I have dealt with here in the U.S. I am so thankful and blessed. I would deffinitely do it again if I had to. I never has any complications. Thank you Dr. A!!!!! I am blessed."

Piedras Negras Medical Center

"The hospital is very well staffed with well educated people. It is very clean. The equipment is slightly old but very functional. The care given to you is not rushed or hurried and you really feel that your care providers are there just for you. There are four new suites for the patients of Dr. A that are very nice. Computer, flat screen tv and beautiful marble bathroom."
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