Sorry 'bout That!

Feb 20, 2009

Please look me up in Facebook or MySpace. I tend to me more active there.

I haven't been online in a very long while. I am sorry. I now weigh 192 lbs and I feel fantastic! I take my vitamins every day.

For those looking into WLS (weight loss surgery) and are befuddled over the vitamin issue, here is what I do:

On month three post op, I asked my surgeon, the handsome Dr. Mark Paya, if I could take conventional vitamins. I was concerned about the size of the "horse pills". He said yes and the anastamosis (the opening of the pouch to the jejunum) was about 2.5 cm wide and could easily accomidate a typical vitamin pill.

Here is my regimen of supplementation: In the early morning, I have my coffee with two rounded tablespoons of "Benefiber" mixed in. Benefiber (or its generic) is tasteless and colorless, and keeps things moving. We all need our fiber, and low carbers (which is what the WLS post-op diet basically is) do NOT get enough of this important colon sweep.

Before lunch sometime, I take two 630 mg calcium citrate tablets with D. Nothing special. The tabs we buy at Costco or Sams Club. The bottle will last over 6 months.
At bedtime I chew an chewable iron supplement that contains 29 mg ferrous ferumate. I learned from my preop classes that this type of iron (vs. ferrous sulfate) is better absorbed. I tolerate the chewable. Ferrous ferumate is available in most pharmacies in capsule form, but it tend to "come up" on me, and the iron/liver flavor makes me gag. bariatricadvantage has the chewable iron I prefer.

Once that is chewed and my teeth are brushed, I take a "One-A-Day" women-over-50 multivitamin. I used to take Sam's Club general multi, but decided that 1) I can afford the brand name and 2) I am menopausal and need the additional support.

It is important to take ALL supplements after WLS. No excuses. I have a coworker who is not doing well, and she is generally not compliant with her vitamins. Her surgeon wants to do a revision (read: reversal) of her surgery. :( One can get sick pretty quickly when not complying with the doctor's orders, which includes irreversable maladies and death. 



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