Brian Kent

"Dr. Kent is fantastic. His office staff is extremely friendly and helpful. His aftercare is remarkable. I will definitely use him for other PS surgeries."

Laurence Tanaka

"Dr. Tanaka is a big teddy bear! All gruff on the outside, but really warm and cuddly inside. He asked me for my medications and of course they were in my envelope on the floor. I climbed down off the exam table, showed a lot of skin as that HUGE gown fell off my shoulder, and grabbed the envelope. I tried to hand him the paper I had typed out but he said to give them to him verbally. Hmmmmm . . . He told me I HAVE to have the surgery open because of my previous hysterectomy. That's okay with me. Then he asked if I had any questions and of course I had to climb down again, show some more skin (those gowns are really something!!!) and get my question paper. He was very patient. He answered everything and said the decision would rest with "the other two." He came up to me and leaned against my shoulder as he went over the surgery and the risks. The office staff was great and I can't wait to deal with them again."
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