Man, I havent always been big, i used to battle my weight but ususally won, then slowly lost. I have migraines and they have not helped with the weight. i have an amazing hubby (together 13 yrs) and a few kids...dont tell, but my baby is my whole world...he's mamma's baby and i would do anything for him, including decide to lose weight so i could play with him better. I gave it the last ditch effort and it went badly so since my mom, step dad and Best friend have all done this, here i come, wish me luck.
I love clothes shopping (well i used to) and cant wait to get at it, i cant wait to be SEXY AGAIN, cant wait to not have pain everywhere, cant wait to fit in chairs nicely, cant wait to look good in a bathing suit, cant wait for hubby to be able to carry me, cant wait to have normal cholestrol, cant wait to stop obsessing about food, cant wait to wear normal sizes from normal stores, cant wait to feel confident and lose the insecurity that has been plaguing me over the years, cant wait to stop being the fat mom, i dont want to be "normal" I want to be fabulous (lol).
I love Jack Johnson (soothes my soul), I love politics (well, i dont love the politicians though), I love reading, writing, getting and giving massage. Love apple pie, chocolate and cheese (had to be honest with ya). used to be active and roller blade, jog etc, cant wait to do those again.
I am also hoping weight loss will give me more energy.
Other then obessing about weight and weight loss, i have much focus pulled away toward my migraines. You name it, i have tried it. Right now, we are trying far, moderate improvement but still having them (down almost 50% from 21 to 10 last month). So if you write me and i have a delayed response, i may be in a dark, quite room, with the AC on, an ice pack on my forhead, heating pad on my feet and covered in blankets with misc drugs running through my body...but i promise, i will get back to ya in a day or 2 once i am back up and running.

i am a chatty kathy, hit me up!



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