Totally TMI, but its my new friend!

Jul 10, 2009

I had heard all about constipation, i knew it would be a part of my life (most likely), but when i was actually able to go every day or 2 i felt ok, it was very solid but not too....large so it passed just fine. WELL yesterday i had to go and there was actually blood in the toilet (after what felt like hours of pushing), i knew it was from "ripping" because it was very red. Imagine my surprise when i had to go again today. Ok LITERALLY felt like i was giving birth out my butt, pushing, resting, repositioning. my co-worker (yes, i was at work folks) actulaly knocked on the door looking for me, i didnt reply and she didnt knock again. I grunted and finally passed most of the stuff. but some was still there, so work some more and get more creative. all said and done i was bleeding more then i would have expected to be safe. i call the doctor and so now my new friend
MIRALAX, i am leaving to get some on my break and it shall be my new best friend, i am sure.
As for this weekend, there are no bike rides in my future!!! Plenty of walking, not much sitting....ough.
Oh and did i mention that i also have a urinary tract infection that started last night. luckily i have this herbal mixture that ususally cures it for me!!
My poor bottom, eh


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