Jul 20, 2009

WEll, yeah i always have been!
I put in my 2 weeks notice at work when my boss wouldnt work with my schedule to allow me to go to school. Its funny how it worked out and my hubby was my biggest cheerleader! My boss is now having a cow and begging me to work what ever hours i can till she can replace me since there is no way she can do that with the 2 weeks notice i gave (professionally its enough, she would have liked more because our system and her dumb arse takes about 4-6 weeks). BUT NO, i am starting clean and outta here. I feel so free, i should feel scared but i dont! My pastor gave a sermon that even was talking about making the necessary changes in your life so you can follow gods plan, no matter how hard! So i did =)
I had a yard sale and got rid of so much stuff, everything else went to the goodwill (except for my fat cloths). I kept my Calvin Klein, Hydralic etc cloths because i havent decided if i am going to sell them on craigslist (or some consignment shop) or just donate them to my support group this next monday. I kept my scrubs too since i may do the same thing with those (or try to find a big girl here at work to give them to).
I found my massage office space and it needs work but has soo much potential its a very old house (i would approximate about 1900) with lots of charecter. I will have to put in some elbo grease but my friend is giving me a really good deal and is actually going to share the space with me (his office will be in the back). So i will be having an open house my first week and will probably be giving free 10 min seated massages and discount books out...something fun and exciting. I will probably also have WLS friendly snacks around during that time (since its what i can eat). I will post a note about it when that time comes. I will also try and figure out a way to post progress pictures in the mean time! I have been mulling over names for my practice and have a nice list going!
I have been having strange nightmares but i think they are a sign of all the change in my life (there is not theme to them, just fear and/or anger).
I am going to miss 2 ladies at work, but i hope to keep in contact with them!
I also want to lean how to start my own blog (not like this one) and every few days put things in with pictures i think are cool. like the other day i went for a walk on the Ruston Way Waterfront at 630AM, it was amazing and beautiful and something i would like to share with the world especially those who dont wake and leave the house till 9AM cause its a totally different world as the sun is just waking up. my sewing purses projects etce etc.
I feel so full of ideas and excitment and its all GOOOOOOD! I dont know how but its all because of the WLS, i guess since i cant just eat to be happy, now i have to "DO" to be happy. I also uncorked my creativity finally after being bottled up for over 17yrs (i havent been expressive in creative ways since HS). And now its pouring out too! Its so amazing the direction my life is taking me, i know i will suceed, more importantly i know i will be happy!
I gave thought to growing my hair back out (as in my avi picture, those who know me, know i have a short Bob). but i decided that is seomthing i dont want to change, i like it! its spunky like i feel right now!
I hope everyone will check out my "goals" on this page, i have so many and they excite me even more, maybe they will you. So far i have achieved "thighs not rubbing together" that was sometime in the past few weeks but not sure which date exactly...thank god no more summer burn in the inner thighs! (wont miss that, no sir) AND fit comfortably in a chair again that was about 3 weeks or so ago but now i actually  have tons of room in a chair and i can cross my legs and not have to fight to keep them like that, they just flop over eachother and stay there with no work from me. At church i dont consume the chair and flood over into the person next to me, infact i have enough room to actually put my purse next to me, or lay both arms straight down and still have room!!! Its just crazy!

well....i gotta run (life is calling)...

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