Calcium Citrate Chewables

"there are 2 types the lozenge (takes 3 huge pills to get in 400mg and the chew which is 250mg per chew but does have some calories in them). my surgeon wants 4500mg calcium a day, cant do that with these 2 options, but for someone who needed less i would say use both!"

Myur S. Srikanth

"I love this man. I surgeon shopped, did 2 seminars and choose to go back to the first guy, dr s. He is so sweet and kind, he is so skilled, i just love him. His positive attitude just makes me feel like i can do anything! rnHis office staff have been wonderful, Marisa and Kay are the greatest! I did have to do some leg work with my insurance but only because i am inpatient as all get out.rnAmy, his new nurse is different but this last visit with her was good too!rnI couldnt have choosen a better doc, i will say he prescribes the most vitamins of ANY local surgeon!"
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