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Aug 08, 2009

I've decided to have plastics. When I come up with the money. I will start with my eyelids and a mini-facelift because this is what bothers me most. I'm considering a full body lift. So, I'll start at the top and work my way down. If it never happens, so be it. I prefer what I have now over what I had then. I'm so much more healthy and happy!

The excess skin is really bothersome. When I'm dressed, I like what I see in the mirror. When I'm in a bathing suit or less, I balk! I don't know how my husband can stand it! But he continues to tell me how sexy I am and that he loves me more and more each day! He's an amazing man! I'm truly blessed.

Besides all the excess skin all over my body, I'm liking where I am now. Weight wise. Initially, I thought "I'll be happy if I can weight 160 lbs". I got there and was happy but decided 140 lbs would be better for me. I got to 140lbs and was happy and comfortable. Then I continued losing and got down to 118lbs. That was beginning to scare me at first. I have adjusted my diet and have added calories and carbs because I don't want to get any lower. I don't journal my foods and exercise anymore. I have finally stopped losing weight and generally fall between 118 & 120. Finding size 2 womens is very difficult! I have the curves so have a tough time finding the right fit in juniors. So, I tend to stick to baggy size 4's.

I still exercise almost daily. I walk, ride my bike & do the Wii Fitness. I use my elastic band for my upper body. I've noticed some definition in my muscles because of it. I don't go to the gym as much as I used to. I just do what I can when I can. Hubby got a promotion at work so I bought him a bike. Now we both get on our bikes and ride together. I love it!!! I have a freedom now that I never experienced with him before!

Most days, I walk without a cane. The day my eldest daughter, Jessie, got married was my first official full day without my cane! I'm trying to build up the muscles around my left hip by walking without it. I've noticed more pain since I've been trying this and when someone is with me, I use their arm for assistance. But all-in-all, I think I'm doing pretty good in that area.

We have an empty nest now. All six of our kids are off and on their own. I'm having a tough time with it. I never thought I would. At one point, we had six teenagers and I couldn't wait to have our house to ourselves. Now, here we are. Just the two of us. I'm fine when John is home. When he's at work, I get lonely. It's so quiet in the house. We go to bed at night and it's just so damned quiet!

So, I'm still a Mom. Always will be. Just not doin' the Mommy thing anymore. Weird, I've spent the last 26 years of my life being in the 'Mommy' role. Now here I am, different body, different life. Weird, very weird.

I'm very grateful for my life! Having a life! Living my Life! I've met many, many wonderful, caring friends along this journey! And there's more around the corner!

The 'Living Life' group is getting bigger and bigger! I should consider finding another room for it but the one we are in is so convenient and has a personal 'feel' to it. I don't want to see our group in a 'cold' environment. I'm also working on getting the hospital to allow us a room for children so that parents who can't come to a meeting because of daycare issues can bring their children, yet not interfere with the meeting. There are so many parents out there who would love to benefit from regular meetings.

As soon as I can afford it, I will become a Certified Bariatric Support Group Leader. I want to be formally trained so I can better help others. I'll also get the 'back-on-track' training so I can help those who are struggling. I hoped to getting my certification in Boston this month but with Jessie's wedding, I just didn't have the funds. I can't get over how much it costs! I'm looking at the October, Vegas course. I'm so passionate about this and I really want to help as much as I can. Once I get my certification, I would like to volunteer to visit newly post-op bariatric patients while they are still in the hospital. Just so they know they're not alone. Obviously, they would have to give permission ahead of time and give their name so I'll know who to see. I would sooooo love that!

It's a beautiful day out! Going for a walk! God Bless!

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