And so my Plastic Surgery Journey begins....

Apr 16, 2011

EEYup! You are reading it correctly....plastics!

I am having my upper eyelids 'done' on April 27th! A Blepharoplasty! Since losing the weight, my upper eyelids droop like Under Dog's! I am seeing (no pun intended) a Opthalmology Plastic Surgeon named Dr. Phil Rizzuto (like the voice of the NY Yankees) Phil Rizzuto.

My insurance will NOT pay for it because although it hinders my vision from the sides, it doesn't hinder my visual capacity when looking forward. So....I have saved my moolah and will be paying cash!

I think it will be well worththe money though. I alway find myself raising my eyebrows in order to see better. Especially first thing in the morning and at night while driving. My line of vision compromises my safety when I'm driving.

Also, I'm hoping it will help me feel more alert and less tired throughout the day. I will add my before pics below and will continue to post my recovery pics as time goes on.

I am keeping a plastic surgery journal now. I have the turkey neck and what seems like a permanent frown on my lips from the sagging skin on my face. I don't wish to have a face-lift. That's too invasive for me at this stage. Instead, I will follow up the blepharoplasty with a skin treatment with Dr. Lori Palicheck called Exilis. It's a once-a-week in-office treatment for four weeks. Painless, no needles, no knives.

I have already started saving for a full Abdominoplasty and a Breast Lift w/ Flap! Until then, I will continue tucking my skin and seeking a good Bra at Ruth's in Warwick.

And awaaaaaay I goooooo!!!!!


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