4 1/2 Months after Eyelid Surgery & Volunteering

Sep 14, 2011

I had my blepharaplasty on April 27th. It's been 4 1/2 months and my eyes look great! I'll post more pics as soon as I get some new ones. My computer died/fried/crashed completely so I lost all my pics.


No regrets what-so-ever!

Still running WLS support group meetings and speaking at Dr. Pohl & Dr. Giovanni's seminars. I had to say, what I love the most is visiting patients who are immediately post-op at Roger Williams. It makes me feel so good to offer support to others who are starting their weight loss surgery journey.

And now I have the opportunity to help those who are two years + post-op too! The 2+ year post-op meeting is going really well. We are able to discuss things we are too afraid to talk about at other meetings. It's a really safe, no-judgement zone! I love it! It's officially my favorite meeting now!

ALSO .... I'm feeling great about being able to reach out to others who know someone or who are suffering from the disease of Obesity! The Walk from Obesity event is October 8, 2011. Only a few more weeks. I'm so excited! Overwhelmed at times but ... Excited! I can't wait to see the turn out! I hope we are able to help as many people as we did last year!

I'm also selling 'Bariatric Advantage' products out of my home so people don't have to spend and waste money on vitamins and protein products they don't like. Plus, they can get it much faster ... and in person. I love the extra delivery hugz I get! LOL

I'm so extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way since I had my RNY June 4, 2008! My life has really changed!

"Living Life" is what it's all about!


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