Pushing through

Mar 26, 2023

I am keeping to this habit of posting something every week. It helps me and right now I will take anything that helps me. This week has been emotional. I've been moody and grumpy and just plan blah. So what do I do when I'm all these things, I eat and drink soda, but because I have made this commitment to myself I didnt. which just made me more grumpy, so the most logical thing to do was start a fight with my roommate/best friend over leaving the cats water bowl in the dish washer.  Yes they do have another water bowl clearly full in the dining room but hello, they totally need to have two at all times because how can we just make them go aaalllll the way down stairs water?!?!? face palm 

Yes, I said I was sorry. Yes, my friend knew the water bowl wasnt what I was really grumpy and bout. Yes, we made up and watched Mando with wings. I didnt smother mine like I would normally do and ate more of the veggie sticks than wings. So, win win!! 

This next week is just another of this past week. Work, work, and more work. The following week will be exciting tho. Get to have my psych eval for the doc and than later in the week I get to have a Endoscopy done.  


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