Ok my bad

May 02, 2023

Hello, Its been two weeks and I told myself that I would do this every week. However, I have failed once again. But in my defense I haven't really had much to say. Nothing new has been going on. I'm just working, keeping up my diet and trying not to lose my mind waiting for this surgery. I've been seeing a phyciatrist now for a few weeks and that seems to be going well. I like him and its always good to my your phyciatrist. I don't have my cartio appointment till next month. So, just plugging along. The only thing that I am still having problems with is my smoking. I've cut back but haven't been able to quit. 

On a diffrent note and just need to vent about it. I have quit soda and have been drinking water but water is soooo boring and I need flavor. So I was on tic tok and found myself on "water-tok". Were people post water recipes. so I jumped all over is. Got some zero sugar syrups and zero sugar flavor packets and have been having fun with flavors. However, I told some people about it and how excited I am cuz now I can drink more water and Im not craving soda. but instead of being suppotive they were telling me that I was wrong. Saying "it wasnt water anymore" and that all your doing is drinking "kool-aid" which is worse that soda. so now Im feeling bad because I am doing something for me and thought it was good and its not enough. 

So yeah that my rant for the week. What do you out there in the void think? 


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