University of Maryland Medical Center

"Only issue was that there were no large gowns on the surgery floor and then I had to ask for one several times before I got one. I thought they would be used to this."

Mark D. Kligman

"First impression: Professional, matter-of-fact, capable - that's all that really matters to me. His office staff has been great so far. Kelly is a jewel. Make sure that you do what he tells you to do. There is a program that he tells you to follow and he tells you up front that if you follow it you will be successful, if not - no guarantees. 5/12 - I'm still scared of the man. I don't know why but he intimidates me. I kinda feel like a child and he is my scolding parent. I don't want to give him any reason to scold me. I want to do what is right and will give it my all."
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