Kuldeep Singh

"My first impression was neither good nor bad. Dr. Singh \"inherited\" me from another surgeon who had left my area. Since I didn't have too much faith in the other surgeons in that first practice, I asked for a referral to someone in Baltimore. I was lucky in that I was referred to Dr. Singh. At first meeting, I thought he was very quiet but very business. He reveiwed my records and said that I was \"doable\". I didn't see him again until the day of my surgery. He was warm and comforting prior to the surgery. After the surgery, he was even more compassionate when he told me that he had been unable to complete the surgery due to some very unexpected medical complications. He came to talk to me the day after surgery (although, I would have liked to have talked to him when I had come out of my \"la-la land trip\"!) Dr. Singh explained what had happened and told me that he wasn't ready to give up on my yet. So, I was left to heal with no banding!rnrnI had a follow-up with my PCP one week post-op and he told me that he and Dr. Singh had been in touch with one another concerning my care plan. That made me feel a lot better. When I saw Dr. Singh for my 2 week post-op, he explained in even greater detail what he had found. We discussed the WLS options that were still open to us.rnrnI found that not only is Dr. Singh a great surgeon, he is also a very caring and compassionate person. I think that both of these attributes are necessary for a doctor to possess. I will continue my journey with Dr. Singh with the utmost confidence in him and his skills.rnrnRisks of the surgeries proposed were addressed in detail. There was ample time for questions and concerns to be addressed on both sides. Although the first meeting with Dr. Singh was more business, subsequent visits were more like meeting an old friend who hadn't been seen a while. rnrnI am very at ease with Dr. Singh and his staff. The staff is wonderful at answering questions and working with the patient to achieve the best answers for any questions.rnrnI would highly recommend this practice for bariatric surgery as well as general surgery.rnrn**UPDATE*** I was able to have the VSG on May 6th. Dr. Singh was very patient with me during the three months from the discovery of my liver problem to the date of my VSG. He took the time to answer my emails and would phone me with answers if I needed them.rnrnEverything went well with my surgery and again, Dr. Singh was the best I could ask for. Besides being the calming force that I needed prior to surgery, we were like old friends seeing one another again. I felt safe knowing that Dr. Singh would be taking care of me and that he would do the best that he could do. (And he did!) rnrnThanks to him and his caring staff, my new life has begun!"

St. Agnes Hospital

"Overall, it was not a bad experience. I was concerned that because the procedure I went in for was not done due to a complication, the nursing staff did not really pay that much attention to me. I would call for assistance in getting out of bed (I still had the lap incisions) and most of the time my wait was longer than 45 minutes for someone to come, even after numerous calls. The nurses were not pro-active in getting me on my feet after surgery so I had to make sure that I got up and moved. The compression things on my legs were not always put on correctly, therefore did not work as well as they should. My incision sites were never looked at by any of the nurses, even though I expressed pain in one particular area. I have to agree with several other reviewers that it appears that some of the nurses "slipped" through the cracks and were able to get their certification when maybe they shouldn't have."
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