1 month out

Jan 26, 2009

Good grief, it's been forever since I've wrote anything.  What a journey and adventure this has been so far.  I weighed 275 on my scales this morning.  I go see the nut tomorrow so I'm interested to see what my "official" weight will be since I'll have on clothes for that one...  Things are definitely getting easier.  I'm getting more into a routine now.  Tomorrow the nut will add in Phase 1 Soft foods and I'm sure that will add in more variety.  The only thing that scares me about more choices is more temptations.  I have done really well so far I think and will NOT allow myself to become what I once was.  I posted some pics tonight and emailed them to some friends/family.  My mom called me and said that I was starting to look like myself again...the old me...the skinnier, healthier, happier me!!!  My youngest son (age 6) looked at my before and after pics and said with a big grin on his face "Your head shrunk!"   (What a blessing my children are to me!!)  Thank goodness my body is shrinking too though.  I started out in a tight 32 (in the waist but baggy elsewhere) and I am now wearing a size 26 and even some 24's in pants.  I put on a pair of dress pants yesterday that I bought in Dec. 2007 and they actually fell off of me.....That felt sooooooo INCREDIBLE!  On the health side of all this, one of my blood pressure pills has been cut in half.  Progress is sweet!!


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