Pre-op appointment

Jun 08, 2017

So I went for my pre-op appointment this morning and as expected I met with the pharmacologist, the nurse and the Anesthesiologist. I had to laugh as I was asked by the nurse if there was any way that I could be pregnant. I answered that if I was I would be there for a room in the psych ward, not bariatric surgery (I'm 53).

Anyway, since I have a sore throat (see previous blog) I was told that if it doesn't go away at least two days before my surgery date they may have to postpone the surgery for four weeks. I can guarantee that this sore throat will be gone by then if I have to surgically remove the throat. I have been on this Optifast diet for two weeks now and have psyched myself up for the surgery. I have prepared my home for afterward, stocked my cupboards and fridge for my new life and even gone through all of the clothes that are tight and donated them. There is no way I am not having my surgery next week.

As I've said before, I really appreciate the help and guidance I've received from the blogs and forums on this site.


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