A Queen-Sized Bed Fits 2!

Apr 25, 2009

One thing I learned in March that I forgot to share was that the notion of queen-size beds being for 2 people was not just the hype a savvy salesmen!  I have never been able to share a queen-size bed with another person.  I was always too large.  So when my mom came to visit and we went to stay in a bed and breakfast in Amish country I figured I would let her have the queen-size bed in the room and I would sleep on the 2-seater couch.  I just "knew" I couldn't fit on the same bed as another person without it being a king-size.

To me the sizes of the beds went: twin-sized is for children, queen-sized is for one adult, and king sized is for two adults.  I never understood how a married couple I knew managed on a queen-sized bed.  It frankly did not seem possible for me, or for anyone else comfortably.

So my mom suggested we share the bed and I said, okay we could try for the first night but I'd probably move to the couch and be more comfortable - I did not think sharing the bed would work but did not want to bring that up.  Lo and behold, we could fit relatively comfortably.  It probably would have been more comfortable had I not been so tense about it we FIT!  I could never do that before!  Will the wonders never cease?!


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