3/1/05 - I started this journey 2 years ago.  After dong some research and meeting w/ WLS patients in various stages.  I decided this was for me.  In all my efforts I have never lost over 50lbs.  And if I lost 50 lbs today I still would not be below 200lbs, would have reduced my risk of idabetes etc.. much if any, and would have a high risk of gaining back every pound.  So I aggresively started my pre-op testign and qualification.

6/1/05 - Finished with all my pre-op testing, have a surgeon visit today for consult beofre insurance review.  They did blood work and found I was pregnant.  Wow!  what a shocker.  We were hactively preventing and rarely imtimate.  So everything is delayed for now.

1/23/06 - I had a beautiful baby boy today.  He is perfect.  God knew what I nneded even if I didn't.  Now that I have successfully completed this perfect baby I am anxious to restart my pre-op stuff. 

 3/1/06 - The surgeons office said I could not re-start the process until I was a year out form delivery.  And that every test would have to be repeated, because they have to be current with-in a year of surgery.

1/23/07 - Today is my son's 1 year birthday and I called to re-start the prtesting phase first thing this morning.  I am using a different surgeon because thefirst one was difficult to deal with. This extra weight makes it so hard to be a full time working mother nad have any extra energy left over for me or my husband. 

4/15/07 - I finished my last pre-op test.  We file for insurance as soon as the dictation gets in.  YEAH! 

5/1/07 - WAITING, WAITING.  It seems like forever to get an answer. 

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