Gilberto Ungson

"My first impression was great. He is so kind and sweet. I interviewed him over the internet with many emails. He was always prompt and knowledgable. My impression only grew better as I got to know him and meet him in person. His staff is wonderful and helpful.` If I had to say anything bad it would be the language barrier, although minimal with him. Dr. Ungson really takes good care of his patients, he is knowledgable and kind. Very attentive. He isn't doesn't talk a lot about nutrition except what to eat the first 3 weeks. He advised me to try new things slowly after the first 3 weeks and go from there. He strongly advised me to keep up on my lab work, and gave me a list of the vitamins to take and to take them forever. No structured aftercare. I see my on PCP on regular basis. He stated that all surgeries have risk and that this surgery is the same. He has had no mortalities at this post. I rate him very highly....he saved my life as far as I'm concerned. My insurance here in America wounld help me to be healthy, but he would. I can't thank him enough. He has excellent bedside manner. I couldn't believe how good. And his competence is off the charts. "
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