September 14, 2006.
I could cry tears of joy. :)

August 8, 2006.
A little update, I suppose... I'm down to 205 lbs, which is 85 pounds gone forever! Feeling GREAT! Ummmm... I still think my pics make me look fat. hahaha
Oh well.

July 2, 2006.
Well, I finally did it. I had someone take my picture so I could post a "half way there" shot and now I'm just waiting for it to be posted here on the OH site. I've lost 74 pounds and have done really well and am proud my myself and everything... but when I look at the pic, I still think, "Damn, I look fat."

June 25, 2006.
I've lost 70 pounds and have 70 to go - I'm half way there! HALF WAY! *giggle*

June 10, 2006.
Well, it's certainly been quite some time since I updated! A lot has happened since my surgery on March 21st, most importantly 63 pounds gone forever!!
I had the unfortunate luck of developing a stricture that was closing over the opening to my new stomach and became very sick for a while. At first I thought that I might be eating too fast or trying something new that I wasn't ready to eat. Finally when I wasn't able to keep water down either, I went back to my surgeon for help. I had Upper GI xrays that showed the stricture (barium - yuck!) and was booked for an endoscopy the following day. I was a little scared of the procedure, mostly because I would be "sedated" instead of asleep. Fortunately, I remember NOTHING about it. haha
I've been doing well since then (that was back in April) and am able to eat much easier. I still have moments of what I lovingly call "barfy-ness", but these are easy to deal with as part of my healing and learning. I now eat regular food (for the most part) in very tiny portions and very tiny bites. My new fav is a whole wheat wrap (okay, I can only eat 1/2 of the smallest one, but hey, it's still a wrap) with a thin layer of light herb & garlic cream cheese, 1 oz of turkey or ham, lettuce and a thin slice of tomato wrapped up and sliced into 2 "pinwheels". It's funny how much I have been craving salad and raw veggies, which I can't quite eat yet, though I'm getting there. I thought I would crave pizza and chips and pop, but apparently veggies are where it's at.
I joined a fitness centre a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it, something I never thought that I would enjoy, or be able to participate in. I go at least 3 times per week and ride the stationary bike, use the treadmill, swim, hot tub, go to a stretch class... who knew it would be so fun??
I'm so proud to say that I've lost 63 pounds so far. 63!! In less than 3 months!!

My life is changing. :)

April 24, 2006.
I saw Dr. Hagen today because I haven't been feeling well. On the bright side, I've lost 41 lbs. now! Upper GI x-rays are sure to find what's wrong - more soon!

April 3, 2006.
Had my first post-op consultation with Dr. Hagen today and I get to have the PUREED DIET. I can't explain how good I felt eating tuna and crackers at lunch today. To hell with gourmet, bring on the mashed potatoes! ;)

March 26,
I'm baaaaack..... :)
All is well and I'm feeling pretty damned good!
Special thank you to Dr. John Hagen, the best surgeon ever. He truly is an angel.

March 19, 2006.
My surgery date is March 21, 2006 with Dr. Hagen in Toronto! Only 2 more days 'til I get to be a LOSER. ;)

I now have an angel! Thank you to Joyce Wilds for offering to be my angel. :)

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