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"Could not have made the experience any better. It was, after all, surgery, not a vacation, but I was very impressed with surgeon, staff, and hospital facilities. Easy for my family to get to. We are from the other side of the state. Parking was easy and getting in and out of the immediate area was manageable."

David Lauter

"I'm now one week post op from LAP RNY with Dr. David Lauter in Kirkland, WA. He is personable, professional, very competent, and reliable. His office staff was great. I often had to leave a message but they always got back to me within a day. My hospital experience at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland could not have been better. I saw Dr. Lauter at least twice a day, had excellent care in the hospital, and was released after two days. I felt so confident in his professional experience. He has a 90 day follow up program. I will see him in 3 weeks after following my "liquids" instructions closely. Dr. Lauter doesn't say a lot, but is very thorough and had plenty of time when I was there to see him. I highly recommend him."
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