Post-Op at Last

Apr 20, 2009

Well, I had my surgery on April 8th.  Everything went very well.  Dr. Pierce took out my band and did a RnY.  I really did not have any complications.  One troublesome side effect  is that because of the position they had me in during surgery, I have a pinched nerve in my left arm that is leaving my hand partially numb.  I went back to work today and  I am a bit sore still, so I only stayed for 6 hours.  I also have a cold and the coughing is hurting my stomach.  I am looking forward to having pureed foods... I need a little variety.  I have not dumped, but I had one day I was throwing up because my stomach curdled some yogurt I had, so I had blockage. 

Surgery Date

Mar 13, 2009

I was approved and I got my surgery date.  It will be on April 8th.  Now I need to get everything around me settled so that I can just sit back and recover after.  Yeah!!  I am so excited.

My Journey Continues

Mar 04, 2009

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything.  I thought I would put in an update of my journey. 

After I had my lap band surgery Dec 06, I got to my "sweet spot" by May 07.  I had a really good 5-6 months with my band.  The restriction was perfect, and I got to the 50 pound mark.  Then it turned sour.  I started to have more and more heartburn.  Dr. put me on some meds, but it did not help, only got worse.  By the end of Dec I had acid reflux so bad my esophagus had swelled shut and I could not keep anything down.  The acid aspirated into my sinuses and lungs at night and I developed a sinus and bronchial infection.  I could not take any of my meds and I ended up very dehydrated and ill. 

I was very afraid to have an unfill because I did not want to gain any of the weight back, but I had to.  I had a partial unfill, and waited a few months.  That did not relieve the acid reflux so I had a complete unfill in May 08.   By this time I knew that the band just was not going to work for me.  I still had a little restriction once in awhile, but needless to say I gained 40 pounds.  I knew if I was ever going to get any relief from the reflux I would need to have the band taken out, so I resigned myself to it.  I felt hopeless.  

I had the surgery scheduled and went to see my surgeon.  He was very supportive of me having it removed, but he also helped me to see that I could be very successful with a revision.  I have always been very afraid of having a bypass, but he helped to calm some of the fears.  I decided that I would see what insurance would say.  Because they had already approved to have the band removed, it was a pretty simple process to have them review it again.  I have had a verbal okay from them, but I have to wait for the official okay before I can schedule.

So that is where I am at.....I am not a patient person by nature, and I would have the surgery tomorrow if they would let me.  Once I have made up my mind to do something, I want to JUST DO IT........  I stole that         

Surgery on 12/29

Mar 14, 2007

I had my surgery on 12/29, and first fill on 2/13. 

Met Surgeon!!!!

Dec 06, 2006

I had my first appt. with Dr. Pierce today.  Boy is he nice.  I found out he lives really close to me, so I will probably run into him at Target or maybe McDonalds lol.  Now I just have to wait for my insurance to do the approval, and then we can set a date.  Dr. Pierce said it is even possible to have it done my the end of the month.  I would love that.  Once I make a decision to do something, I want to do it now.  Not that I am impatient or anything, hehe. 

Gathering Info, Getting Excited

Dec 04, 2006

I am excited to meet with my surgeon on Wed (12/6). I have been reading all the posts for the last few days and it is making me more anxious to get going with this.

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