Jul 29, 2010

I have finally made my mark. I know I have not reached my goal but I am so so thankful as to how far I have come.
To all of you keep up the good work in your journey..

Workin it

Apr 01, 2010

I have lost 98LBS  and lovin every bit of it.  U do not realize that there is not enough time in a day to have fun see when u are fat and unhappy u have all the time in the world.  Now when I start my day I am full of joy and happiness at first I was like another day to feel down. I love what the new me is becoming and I would not change anything for the world.  I hope everyone is feelin good and lookin good until next month. 

Happy days

Mar 09, 2010

It has been a while since I have been on.  So I would like to begin by saying . Now let me bring all my friends up to speed.  To start it has been somewhat of  a struggle to maintain my gym workout.  Dealing with work, school, and the kids I was starting to allow myself to go back to the old ways of ignoring myself but I cut that very fast.  I  know that I need to get beck the intensity as I had at first but I thank GOD that I have lost 81LBS and they are gone FOREVER .
I am loving the new me I have dropped 8 sizes and I feel great . I know things are just going to get better and better. I am gong to stay in touch with everybody here and I hope everybody is a happy as I am with the gift I was given.

P.S I am 8lbs from getting to one of my weight loss goals anf that is being under 250 here I come and I am going to fly pass and start on my next goal being under 200lbs.

Stuck in the slumps

Nov 15, 2009

I am still in the slumps for over a month I have been stuck at the same weight. I don;t know what I am doing wrong I work out at the gym 3 times a week and I also go walking on Sunday's and still nothing. I know they say you go through stalls but it is very hard when you are in one. I keep telling myself to look at the bright side and not be ungrateful that without the surgery I would not be where I am now. I am truly thankful for having the opportunity to get this tool don't get me wrong I just had to release my frustration. Thank you all for reading.
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A little down

Oct 16, 2009

It has been awhile since I posted. So here goes I went to the doctor on yesterday and it made me feel a little down. I went in thinking that I was doing wonderful until I weighted and in two weeks I have only lost 5lbs . I know I have lost a total of 38lbs in seven weeks but I still feel a little let down like I failed myself. I guess I need to up my exercise maybe that will help me out. Also I was told by my doctor I need to return to the specialist so he can check my throat again for the problem I had while I was in the hospital because it seems to be returning I hope not. I will keep all informed. Until then stay great losers.

Finally home

Sep 28, 2009

Sorry its been so long since I posted. My surgery went well . However I did have some post surgery complications . My throat and chest got  infected . So I went in to have surgery on Sept 1 everything went good I went home on the 2nd and was rushed back to the hospital that same night. I could not swallow anything I was just plain sick. I went through that what have I done stage. And to make matters worse while in the hospital due to some of the medications I had a seizure, my purse was stolen and the crooks used my debit card for almost $800 before we realized my card was gone . It was like what else could go wrong. However after being able to finally go home it has gotten a lot better for me. One thing that is strange for me since the surgery though I can not drink plain water it makes me sick . Has anyone had that problem? Well on the good side I went to see my doctor on 24 and I have lost 33lbs  he said I could go back to work if I don't do anything other answer phones and lift nothing over 15lbs I was so happy. So I must say even after all the things that has happened over the last couple of weeks I still would do it over again but, I would change a couple of things LOL. I would  also like to think everyone for keeping me in their prayers.

Hate or Jealousy you be the judge

Aug 21, 2009

While i was at school I'm a college student a classmate said missed ya at the last class I said the normal thank ya da ya da. Then I don't know what I was thinking  I said I had a EDG done and afterward I was tired. Why did I say that. Now take it this person is over 300lbs herself. She then asked you having problems with your stomach are or you having gbp surgery. So I told her I was having the surgery in case she was interested in having the surgery but BAM once I said that here it comes. How did you get that approved with such attitude .  But I let it slide and I was like okay maybe I can explain the approval process. But instead of listening she starts the I was told all insurance companies stopped paying for surgery. So I stated that is not true some ins will cover you if med nes ya da ya da. But she went right back to the I know some people who were told the same thing mess. So I just gave up and tried to change the subject because I was tried of listening to the nonsense since I was getting annoyed . But she just could not let it go. She said how did you get all those evaluations completed because surgery should be a last resort that's why I have never considered it. And to put the icing on the cake she then starts talking about my surgeon with the my friend was going to use him but...speech. By that time I'm starting to get a little flared up and I let her have it all so politely. I said look it works for me and if my surgeon called and said he could do my surgery right now I would be up and ready to go. Because I am tired of my knees hurting, being tired all the time, having body aches, and not being able to enjoy my life. So after that I got a better attitude out of her she was like I never looked at it that way.

But I have one question  if she has never considered the surgery. How does she know about all the clearances required for the surgery? Something to think about.


Almost to my new beginning

Aug 19, 2009

I went to the Dr 8-13  to get my EGD done and things were gong great until we went into the operating room. This is what happened the ana gave me the drugs and I did not dose off because the meds had not reached my wein but the Dr thought I was out so he proceeded to push the EGD scope down my throat and I started to gag and the nurse was like stop she is not out  long story short when I woke up and my throat was on fire but all is well now I guess. 

Now since that last appt things seem to have slowed a little I am so ready I can almost taste it. This week it really kind of hard because my original date was 8-21 until it was changed  but I am still blessed that it was only a 10 day difference so no need to keep crying over spilled milk. 

I have done everything you can possible name to prepare myself for the surgery. This wait is making me feel like I am going crazy I can hardly focus day in and day out that is all I can think about.  I wish these days would really hurry up and pass ......

This has been a blessing to get the opportunity to be able to get this tool and I will not blow it.  


Aug 03, 2009

I went to my initial consult on 8-3 it was very informative. The Dr really showed he cares about his pts and really knows what he is doing he is also a jokester. Ok now to the part that pissed me off  the staff had really overbooked pts and alot of us had the same time 10am and 11am so the wait was horrible there were people standing out in the hall.  We did make the best of it by talking among each other.  I must say once I did go back things went pretty fast. Now I have 2 more appts before my surgery and I am ready to go.  

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Jul 28, 2009

I just got a call from my Dr office and they said my date is going to be changed to Sept 1 I was like WTF. I don't know if I want to curse or cry. I had everything in place I was ready to go. I guess this is a minor setback but it feels just the same like when you try a diet only to lose 10lbs only to gain 20lbs of  weight back again thats how I feel at this moment . I know it's just  10 days from my original date but it feels like a life time. I will try to think postive but right now it's hard to do.   

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