Finally home

Sep 28, 2009

Sorry its been so long since I posted. My surgery went well . However I did have some post surgery complications . My throat and chest got  infected . So I went in to have surgery on Sept 1 everything went good I went home on the 2nd and was rushed back to the hospital that same night. I could not swallow anything I was just plain sick. I went through that what have I done stage. And to make matters worse while in the hospital due to some of the medications I had a seizure, my purse was stolen and the crooks used my debit card for almost $800 before we realized my card was gone . It was like what else could go wrong. However after being able to finally go home it has gotten a lot better for me. One thing that is strange for me since the surgery though I can not drink plain water it makes me sick . Has anyone had that problem? Well on the good side I went to see my doctor on 24 and I have lost 33lbs  he said I could go back to work if I don't do anything other answer phones and lift nothing over 15lbs I was so happy. So I must say even after all the things that has happened over the last couple of weeks I still would do it over again but, I would change a couple of things LOL. I would  also like to think everyone for keeping me in their prayers.


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