Hmmm, "My Story".... well, I was fat!  No, I mean FAT!  I was a "chunky" kid and stayed that way until I was in high school.  I think the idea of boys actually took control of my brain a little stronger than the hold that food had on it so I dropped down to about 125 lbs my junior and senior year.  I graduated from school and went right into the working world where I met my first husband.  We met, engaged one month later and married five months later.  Three years later I had my son (don't get me started on my son... he's 28 years of age and I'm still a proud mommy!).  It seems like on the honeymoon I started gaining weight and didn't stop until I got pregnant.  Because of health problems I was put on a strict diet and only gained approximately 10 pounds during the pregnancy.  Once I popped that little guy out I started stuffing the twinkies and everything else I could get my hands on into my mouth and my weight climbed back up.  

In 2003 I battled cancer and dropped quite a bit of weight.  Once I recovered my appetite came back and I started eating all the wrong things.  Then in 2004 I was once again on the fight with cancer.  For those of you who have been through chemo and radiation you know the lecture the oncologist gives you:  "We do NOT want you to drop any weight!  You have to keep eating!"  Well, I ate... and gained 20 more pounds!  

In late 2004 I dropped a whooping 225 pounds!  Ok, I admit, it was my husband at the time... booted that 225 pounds to the curb!  It took facing cancer and my mortality to realize that life is far to short to be unhappy.  I was unhappy in my marriage (had been for years) and I was unhappy with my weight.  I had pursued WLS several times while I was married to my first husband but he was a strict objector to any type of WLS.  Looking back, I know it was a control thing with him and I was, at the time, not strong enough to stand up to him.  

Cut to present day America....  I am married to an amazing man who treats me like a queen!  We met while I was close to my heaviest weight and he has loved me since the first time he laid eyes on me.  Because of past "husband experience" I was a bit hesitant in bringing up the WLS with my sweet Charlie but I knew there would be no judgment, no control, no anger.  And I was right!  He has supported me completely and continues to do so!

I can not believe the difference dropping some of this weight has made for me.  Granted, I still have a ways to go but I see this journey as something that has brought an amazing change to my life.  Charlie has always been an avid backpacker and hiker but I was not able to go with him because I felt like I was going to die from lack of oxygen!  Sure, he would take little hikes with me, walking slow and taking the easy path, nothing like he would normally do when he was alone on a hike.  Since the WLS I have gone on several hikes with my sweetheart and no longer do I feel like I can't get out of range of the EMT's!  I actually climb mountains now!  And I sit on a mountain side.... ON THE GROUND!  A year ago I would not have made it a fraction of the distance I can  make it now and there was no way I was going to sit down because, good heavens, I would some how have to get back up!  Some of those reading this know how hard it is for a 300 plus pound woman to lift herself up off the ground! Ain't no easy task! 

And so goes my story.... a fat kid, skinny teenager, fat wife, fat ex-wife, fat wife again and now a slimmer, happier, sexier, ME who's a wife, mother, friend, neighbor, lover, survivor and, did I mention, SLIMMER!

My Charlie and me in the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, NM, 09-2008

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