Nov 06, 2009

After a great night's sleep, the cool weather arriving overnight, and an awesome day planned, I reminded myself of the wonderful day that today is for me!!!

Two years ago today, I left behind a super morbidly obese person in the operating room of Sacred Heart Hospital.  My husband was away at AF school (so I could have surgery) but I was surrounded by loving friends and family.

The first year I had lost about 125 pounds and in the second year I lost an additional 27 pounds.  I exercised every weekday (when possible), and also weight trained to tone my muscles.    But the point that I'd like to make is that I'm still losing.

I can walk for miles, ride in an airplane without a seatbelt extender, sit in a booth or any armed chair.  Now people don't look at me with pity and say "oh look at the fat lady."  But sometimes I still think they are looking at my saddle bags or something like that.  Bad body image issues still plague me.

I am coming to realize that I look like an everyday American woman and I love the way I look.  I have a ton of excess skin above my waist, and a big excess fat pouch/hanging skin below my waist along with saggin inner thighs and some pretty hefty saddle bags. To that end though, I am having an extended tummy-tuck and inner/outer thigh liposuction on December 16. 

I'd like to have my breasts done since they look like lemons in tube socks, but the doc says I'll be under for too long and it will have to be a separate surgery.  Nothing that a great bra can't handle.

I still eat properly, but I don't deny myself anything.  I just don't eat the whole piece of cake or bag of chips.  I will occasionally eat something fried, but I pay for it later.  Nothing really bothers me eating wise unless I eat too much of it.  I can't drink anything carbonated (not that we are supposed to), including beer or champagne. 

I would never, ever change what I did and am always telling people how great of an experience I have had with my surgery.  And I'm still a big advocate and try to dispel what my doctor tells his patients that you only have an 18 month window!  I'm living proof that you can continue to lose after 18 months and more.

In July of this year out with some of my surgery buddies:

comparison picture - left side, morning of surgery...right side, 1 year surgiversary


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