Still inching down!

Dec 03, 2009

So once again, I've dropped weight.  My body is so weird...I'll drop 5 pounds and struggle for 6-8 weeks to take it off again.  Then, bam...another drop.  I hit 222 back in september, then back up 2 weeks later to 226-230.  My trainer asked if I had lost weight again this morning and I said no, but then I went to weigh and WOW!  221.  Last monday I was at 227.  My body is just the weirdest, but I can say, that my tool is still working and I'm going to continue to work on this body until I get it under 200 pounds.  That's the next goal.

With plastic surgery less than two weeks away, I feel like I am going to reach that goal sooner rather than later.  Weight is really not that important to me.  I'm pretty comfortable with how I've progressesed and having the abdominoplasty and thigh liposuction will help my body image.  I still see that morbidly obese (well super morbidly obese) woman when I look in the mirror.  I shared with Karl last night that I hope my expectations aren't too high and that I'm not disappointed with this surgery.  I haven't had a flat tummy since I was 5 years old and I am excited for the possibilities. 

I'm so curious to see what my pants size will be after 6-8 weeks.  Right now I'm in a 16 Womens and some 14W fit but they are just a little snug around the hips.

I have confidence in Dr. Butler and can't wait till the new year.  My goal is to RUN a 5k, 10k and a half-triathalon in 2010!  I'm going to work on that.  My trainer used to be a marathon runner and he's excited about my goals!  So...till then...ta-ta!


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