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Feb 28, 2010

So I didn't come in and post that I had a serious infection in my gut...OMG!  I got my drains out at 4 weeks even though one was still outputting about 90CCs a day.  I kept complaining that my drains smelled and Dr. Butler said that sometimes they do smell and to wipe them with a lysol wipe.  It helped some but not much.  Pat said hers didn't smell at all.

Anyway, I thought I had the flu,  seriously high fever and nasty, snotty nose, cough and chills.  I was supposed to start work on 1-4 but I had to delay that a week because of my fall.  I got my drains out and he put me on antibiotics just in case.  I got really sick when I got home and puked for the first time since my beer incident.  it was disgusting but I was fine afterwards.

  Reset my work return date to 1-11 and had to call in sick because I thought I had the flu. I started school on Tuesday morning and was just miserable...miserable...miserable.  Karl was dropping me off and picking me up.  I went to work Tuesday, 1-12 and felt Ok. Was a little tired and moving slowly.  After about 1 hour, I got the chills miserably and left work.  I went home around 2pm after waiting 30 minutes sitting in front of the space heater to warm up.  I had my binder, t-shirt, sweater, fur coat on and got under two covers when I got home next to the space heater.  When I woke up, my fever was 103.7 but I'm thinking I had overheated myself because of the covers, heater and clothes.  I went to class and suffered through it.

I lived on Nyquil Sunday - Wednesday.  I was running a low-grade fever.  Between 99.9 and 101 gthe entire week.  My doc's appointment was thursday.

I went to the docs office and they made me put a mask on because Dr. B was going on vacation.  I was really feeling miserable.  He had me stand up so that he could aspirate my tummy and I got really dizzy.  He had me get on the exam chair and started to try and aspirate me there.  He got a tiny bit out and then asked his assitant to get a tube because he wanted to send it off for a culture.  He told me that he suspected I had an infection and said he's be right back.  Left and came back in scrubs.  They stated to prepare a little surgical tray.  He explained that they were going to cut a hole in my side so that they could get the infection out and so that the fluids could drain.

So he opened me up, and God it smelled disgusting...kinda like my drains were smelling.  I had just gotten over a yeast infection and I asked if I was going back on antibiotics and he said yep and that I'd probably get another one.  He put me on levaquin which is what they use to treat Anthrax!  Seriously strong antibiotic!  They finished expressing all the nastiness out of me and put monster bandages on me and recommended that I use maxi pads to catch the drainage.   I felt awful because it was his last day in the office before his vacation and I put him 1:15 behind for the day!

So for the next 5 days I changed my dressings 3X per day and then they called me on Tuesday and told me that they were changing my antibiotics because I had an ECOLI infection.  HOW DISGUSTING!  I'm totally convinced that I had it longer than just since new years and it was just brewing in my body and getting stronger and stronger.  So I changed antibiotics continued to get better and better.

On Feb 1, Two monday's after the emergency surgery I went back in and things were looking better.  I'm feeling better and the bandage was getting smaller and smaller.  Was released to start cardio. 

Feb 22 and I'm down to a bandaid and have been released to do all kinds of exercise with the exception of ab workout.  I'm feeling great, standing up straight, but upper tummy is still swollen.  I hope it goes down because it looks like a pronounced muffin top!  I didn't really have that before...just the handles on the back of my waist line.

I work this awesome black dress with purple flowers to work last night.  Straight dress with flowers in the right place and I actually had guys looking at me.  I saw them!  It's a cool feeling to feel desirable.  I had low self esteem as a young woman when I was smaller (but still thought I was fat) and never really noticed any attention, but I notice it now and I like it!

Ready to get the boobs done now, but have to save for that.


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