4 months post-plastics

Apr 21, 2010

I'm 4 months post-plastics and things are regulating.  I still have this layer of fat on my upper gut that Dr. B. couldn't pull all the way down.  It's kind of irritating, but I understand that he removed a ton!

I started training @ Running Wild for the my first 5k program.  I pretty much had to beg to get in because it had filled up, but Nikki let me in and I almost cried!  The first day I ran on a track and did it just fine.  Run 2 minutes/ walk 2 minutes.  Went on Wednesday to run with the group and there were freakin' hills!  I just about died and was the last one back.  I thought I was in shape and fatter girls than I were finishing waaaaayyyy before me.  But I finished and didn't complain.  On Saturday, Karl and I went and ran the route for the recommended time 1/2 for 10 times and I did it ok.  Monday was walk 1/2 for 10 times and I did OK but had to walk because they changed the route.  Today was walk 2/run2.  I did it!!!  Slow, but I did it.  My legs are pooped though!

I know that the scale will continue to drop and I see onderland in my near future...hopefully the next month!  I'm solidly in a 14 or a women's large dress!  Totally cool!  Thighs are still giggly fat but who cares.

I've got guys looking at me, hitting on me and it's just weird not to be ignored.  Karl loves it!  The attention of his wife I mean!  I'm looking forward to my first 5k on 7/3/10


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