7th Surgiversary!

Apr 07, 2015

Happy Anniversary to me. It was 7 years ago today. I have gained 30 lbs back..I'm trying to get back on track. I can tolerate so much more these days. I hate that. I still drink a lot of water, but I started working fulltime in June of last year, and I noticed I am drinking more soda than I ever had. I have half of can or bottle once a day or once every other day. It's bad. I make myself not drink the whole thing. Cause I know it's bad for you. I don't drink coffee ...wish I did sometimes for the caffeine. 

I am going to try harder. It's my goal!

Wish me luck!

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Wow it's been a long time-6yr surgiversary today!

Apr 08, 2014

I can't believe I haven't written since my hernia surgery in 2010. As for that mess, the recovery was hard. I ended up with an infection and my incision opening up, so I had to "pack it" everyday with gauze. and it was dreadful. I saw Teel every Monday for about 3 months. Just to make sure everything was ok during and after the infection went away and the hole closed up. As of today, which is my 6year surgiversary!! I am doing good, sadly my thyroid is acting up, trying to control it. I have gained 13lb in a year. and gained 30lbs total since my DS. I WANT to get to back to the 180's or lower. I need to cut out all white stuff, I hate that I can tolerate sugar as I still seem to have a sugar cravings. Overall, I do not regret having this done. It was the best thing I could do for me.  I have taken up boxing, I love it. it a great work out. but I need more exercise. And to eat less. 



on the road to recovery

Feb 16, 2010

So it is over, I had the hernia repair and TT. And of course it hurts like hell. Coughing was the worst.  I go tomorrow for the check up with Dr. Teel, pray I get the stupid-ass drains out.  Hate'em.

Otherwise, I am hanging in there.


TT/hernia repair date scheduled

Jan 12, 2010

Feb 9th, is my surgery date for both TT/hernia repair... should be "fun".
I am excited about the TT however, I REALLY can't wait to get the hernia repaired... it has hindered me for nearly 5 years... I want it fixed. I should have it repaired during the DS surgery--hands down. Getting things in order at my house, such as got my "old" cleaning lady coming back. I stopped using her about a year ago. Well, she is coming back. I do not want to have a messy house, while recooperating, I do not want to feel compelled to clean and open any incisions... I want to be very careful. Have also explained to my boys they can't jump on me while I am sitting/standing... or anything. they need to be helpful, as I am sure they will. I go for the pre-surgeru stuff on the 25th. we'll see how that all goes.


1 year surgiversary!!

Apr 08, 2009

So it has been a year. A great journey it has been. Picking the DS over RNY was the smartest thing I have ever done.  My sons and husband are so proud of me, I hope I can continue to enjoy the success of the DS and get close to my goal weight. Which I orignally made like 145, but frankly, I would be okay if I lost another 20 lbs.. I still have what i consider a lot of belly fat. And with my hernia I feel like I can't exercise to my fullest extent, to help with the lost of the belly fat.I need to lose more weight before they want to repair it, but I feel like it is slowing down the belly fat weight loss. Kinda like a Catch-22. But as I mentioned this is the best site for advice, all over helpfulness from everyone on here. Thanks again to everyone who has assisted me in this journey.


Dec 16, 2008

It's about time.   I wish I had the time to post here daily, I just don't. I found these to be very helpful before I had surgery. I want to help other people too.  
So I am at 104 loss from day of surgery (4-8-08) and 123 loss from my heavist  (June 07)

I can't wait to get my century card, I finally talk to someone- she seems to be all over it.

Still having trouble getting all my protien in. I try to eat it more than take the supplements.
My hair has thinned, which sucks, cause I had GREAT hair. I pray it will come back.

But overall, I am happy with my decision. I am healthier, thinner, and proud of myself.



Sep 17, 2008

On the eve of my birthday,
I am down to 206... it is astounding to me.
92lbs loss~~
5 months out!

Okay I am at 215lbs...

Aug 28, 2008

It's so funny, never before in my life would lI ever just tell me people how much I wiegh .. but now I don't care. I tell anyone , anytime!

Still going strong with my salads... I can eat more.. and I  don't get ill at all.  I can't eat anything I want... I am still okay with that.  I don't measure my protien intake, hopefully I am getting enough. I really don't like those shakes. Blech.... Overall, I am pretty happy.

I have more energy, I can keep up with the boys, not always having to sit down.. you know what I mean?


Jul 29, 2008

It is hard to believe, that I am 72 pounds lighter. It is crazy. I will say I have been able to eat tons of salad, which makes me so happy. ALSO I  could eat some carbs... But I don't want to go crazy. I  noticed if I eat  carbs I get gassy & Bloated. What an awlful feeling.  Otherwise, doing well.

July 3-- final Check up since the surgery

Jul 03, 2008

Because of the problems I was having, throwing up. He wanted to see me back in 3 weeks, I went back today. I have lost a total of 63lbs. so far.

I am eating better, or atleast more, and most of the time it stays down.

Dr. Teel says I am doing great!!! So I'll go with that. Now I don't have to go back for 3 months.

Oh and I wasn't supposed to get any blood work done until 6months out, BUT he decided to order them today. So TEN vials of blood later- I swear I needed some juice and a cookie. Now they should have the results in 3 days, I can't wait.

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Okay I am at 215lbs...
July 3-- final Check up since the surgery