Good news! I don't think I'm crazy!!!!

Jul 19, 2010

Well, I had to be at the hospital today at 8am for my physc evaluation.  I met with the Dr. first (which he was as least a 1/2 hour late) and then took 2 different tests, one with 165 questions, the other one 556 (MMPI2) and was out of there by 10:30.  I have a follow up next Tuesday to find out the results and with any luck I'll be on my way because he will "pass" me.  One thing that kinda of ticked me was I had to pay for 5 hours upfront (4 for today and 1 for next week) but then I also paid for him to be late.  I'm hoping I get a small refund back because so far I've only used 2 1/2 hours.  So tops I'll only be using 3 1/2 hoursJust something to think about

Tomorrow I'm off for my 1st appointment at the clinic.  I have to be there at 12:30 to register and then at 1pm I'm off to the NUT and exercise specialist for a 2 hour meeting.  I'm hoping I get some more dates for the future like starting their 6 week program right away so I can keep things going.  Take care everyone!  


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