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Jul 06, 2011

Okay, didn't do this in the beginning. I'm two months about on this journey, and so far
I'm finding it totally awesome.  Did all the diets that were out there, same results.Then a 5 years ago, became ill. Due to a complication ended up 10 months in the hospital. The only good thing that came from that was I lost 85lbs.  That new body and feelings, once I finally realized I was slim( took awhile) was fantastic. The esteem and confidence walking into a room, I had forgotten what that felt like. Now, 5 years later we were right back
there 85lbs. gained back.
So far, I'm finding this a fantastic tool to control my eating. I hope the journey only get better.
Went away for the Holiday,  three family get togethers.  Did very good at first two.  Third-????
But, I was pleased that there was control, even if not on plan.  Drank shakes for for non-party meals.  I just didn't want to gain, and I didn't, still lost.  Was pleased to fit in to some old outfits I had, so no shopping for things I hope,  will get big.

Best of all people noticed, felt so good!!
Back on full course,  getting more water down.  Next goal is some exercising--tough one for me, but going to try!!!!


Banding 4/27 "Into Battle"

Apr 25, 2011

Got out this journal that I was going to keep years ago,
and never did.
I thought if ever there was a time to start one, it's now.

Inside it I found a card my Son had given me.  It was at another time in my life when
I was sorta going into another battle.  How appropriate that this card was in the journal.
That I should come across it  on this date.  It was titled "You Can Do It" and the saluation went
                                                Whatever the goal we're pursuing,
                                                  no matter how rugged the climb,
                                                         We're certain to get there
                                                               by trying our best,
                                                    And taking one day at a time.......

He also wrote,  how he wanted me to live a long time, so we could enjoy things in life together.
I'm  taking that card with me on this journey. It says more perfect  stuff for a long the way.   And I'll

One More day to go!

Apr 25, 2011

Full of apprehension, will it go well, will it be terrible?
I have been thru worse medically, get over it girl.
Onward & upward for many reasons.


Katie Keane-Pre-Op

Apr 22, 2011

Into second day of Prue-op, doing OK. Got all my tests, all approved, here we go on 4/27/11. Got some medicines changed to liquid. Stocked up my necessary products.

Any hints for making things go well immediately after surgery, with the gas and nausea?

So happy I found you guys. Reading your stories, the ups, downs, accomplishments and all the insights into the journey. It is wonderful to relate to so many people.


Katie Keane

Apr 15, 2011

Been fighting it many years. Lost it once, due to health problems.
The self-esteem, the confidence when you walked in a room.
Getting around with no difficulty.The feelings were so new,
and amazing.  Five years later it is back. and, so are the health
problems. I want to live and want those feelings


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