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Banding 4/27 "Into Battle"

Apr 25, 2011

Got out this journal that I was going to keep years ago,
and never did.
I thought if ever there was a time to start one, it's now.

Inside it I found a card my Son had given me.  It was at another time in my life when
I was sorta going into another battle.  How appropriate that this card was in the journal.
That I should come across it  on this date.  It was titled "You Can Do It" and the saluation went
                                                Whatever the goal we're pursuing,
                                                  no matter how rugged the climb,
                                                         We're certain to get there
                                                               by trying our best,
                                                    And taking one day at a time.......

He also wrote,  how he wanted me to live a long time, so we could enjoy things in life together.
I'm  taking that card with me on this journey. It says more perfect  stuff for a long the way.   And I'll


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